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How to Stop Yourself from Yawning

Aastha Dogra Apr 19, 2019
Ever wondered what makes us yawn? Listed here are all the possible causes, along with some useful tips that can help you stop yawning.
There are many "supposed" reasons behind why a person yawns, yet, till date, its exact cause has not been clearly established.
Some scientific researches say that it happens due to lack of oxygen in the body. While some studies show that it is a reflex action used by the body to cool off the temperature of the brain. Then, some studies proclaim that there are some "mirror neurons" in the brain, due to the presence of which, when we see another person yawn, we tend to yawn, too!
Some say that yawning was a kind of non-verbal communication used by people in olden times, to convey that they wanted to change the activities that are going on! Just like too many causes, there are innumerable ways to stop a yawn, too. Read about a few of them here, and try them the next time you want to stop yourself from yawning.

Keep Your Mouth Closed

In order to suppress a yawn, keep your mouth closed. Even if the pressure builds around your jaws and you feel air inside your mouth, try to swallow it! If you do not open your mouth, the yawn will automatically get suppressed.

Eat Right

Do not eat a heavy meal, especially for lunch in the afternoons. When the body tries to digest a heavy meal, it often makes a person feel tired, resulting in excessive yawning.
Also, eat only healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and cut down on fast foods, high-sugar, and fatty foods. By doing this, you will be able to curb the yawn.

Sip on Water

It is generally seen that a person tends to yawn more when he is dehydrated and fatigued. So, if you feel you are yawning too much, sip on water.
Whenever you feel the urge to yawn, take a sip. This will suppress the yawn, and at the same time, hydrate your body, reducing any kind of tiredness that is a result of lack of water.

Sleep Well

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in the night. If you do not sleep properly, it can cause fatigue the next morning, resulting in excessive yawning throughout the day! So, make sure you get adequate rest and sleep.

Breathe Deeply

One of the other causes of excessive yawning is carbon dioxide build up in the lungs. Yawning is a reaction by the body to let out this excessive carbon dioxide. So, take a few deep breaths, whenever you feel that you are yawning in excess.

Get Some Fresh Air

Some researches show that a person tends to yawn in excess when his brain is overheated. Yawning is a mechanism employed by the body to cool the brain off.
So, if you get some fresh air, by either taking an early morning walk or by breathing in deeply through the nose, the brain will get cooled, thus suppressing the number of yawns.


Make a habit of exercising everyday. Exercising daily boosts up the energy levels of the body and thus, reduces tiredness and fatigue, which actually make a person yawn.

Maintain the Right Posture

Studies say that remaining in a slouched position for a long time puts added pressure on lungs which is released by yawning. So, a proper, upright posture can reduce yawning too much.
In most cases, yawning is harmless. However, sometimes, excessive yawning can be caused by health conditions and diseases such as brain tumor, epilepsy, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, amongst others. So, if the excessive yawning continues even after taking all these measures, consult a doctor for proper diagnoses.