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Ideas for Activity Directors

Ideas for Activity Directors

As an activity director, you bear the responsibility to ensure that the interaction is planned within an enriching framework. Ideas are wide in application and scope, directed primarily towards effective human-engineering.
Gaynor Borade
Activity directors are people in-charge of planning and executing interactions within a community. As an activity coordinator, you cannot simply focus on putting together a great session or two, you also have to pay equal attention towards the final goal to be achieved at the end of the day. While some activities are quicker to execute and fun to be a part of, the more important ones may not necessarily be the same. In this case, the end result desired should be well-highlighted within the goal-setting activity.

Concepts to Consider

Ideas involve careful consideration of a paradigm shift via instant gratification. There are many unique ideas that you can tap online as well as offline. Nevertheless, the success of the engagement largely depends on the aim, adopted approach, dedicated application, and effective marketing. Most of the content creation for one or many related activities can be pre-planned well in advance. It is very important for each activity to be simple to understand and interesting to apply. There will always be skeptics, but they are there only to help you grow further. Many of the times the joke bounces back at them, and that's where you are expected to step in and salvage the situation.

Activity Essentials

Any activity planned should always include three important phases; implementation, application, and refresher and analysis. These apply to any community-enhancing event planned, any time of the year, and to fit the requirements of any community. The implementation process should ideally include an explanation and deliberation on the actual task at hand. This includes spelling out roles and responsibilities. In this way, the individual or group is better geared to address the deadline requirements and end-result.

As an activity director, you should also encourage new ideas and brainstorming. This not only optimizes participation, but also improves the scope of interaction, and adds quality to the event. You need to be strict about the 'action time' and responsibilities, to ensure that you and the group benefit from the endeavor. SMART plans make a huge difference; SMART being the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. It could be a treasure hunt with a major shift in thought process, or a simple get-together game, within the parameters of time management.

Activities That Harbor Conscientiousness

Warming Up
This one is great to get the group introduced or to know the individual better. You need to come up with some real creative ways to get the members to break the ice and warm up to one another. You should always keep in mind that they are, most of the time, total strangers, and this is your best rostrum to ensure a sharing and caring attitude through the rest of the program.

Are You Up To It?
It involves challenging interaction between teams, within the group or between you and the individual. It basically addresses the need for trust-building for the activity to be a success. Defenses are cracked down, and the ice is shed in the wake of similarity. It involves honest and one-to-one interactions that are not confessions, but rather a 'lightening of the spirit'.

The activities set around psychodrama involve a conscious effort to step into the other's shoes. The effectiveness of the activity will largely depend on your commitment to change management and the dedication within each member to make the session worthwhile.

It is very essential to identify a space for a flowchart and make one member of the group in-charge of updating and upgrading the entries. As the director of activities, the onus is on you to address quality programming and management development.
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