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How to Choose Insoles for Flat Feet

Mamta Mule Nov 20, 2018
Orthopedics often recommend those having flat feet to use insoles, to help get rid of foot problems caused due to fallen arches. Given here is information on how to choose insoles.
Pes planovalgus is a condition in which the natural arch of the foot is low, and in some extreme case, so low that it touches the ground. Hence, in common terms it is known as flat feet or fallen arches.
Though this affliction seems a minor one, it tends to cause problems for one's lower body, like difficulty in walking, pain in the knees and ankles, joint, hip, and heel aches, etc. Even with medication, these problems surface, therefore, most orthopedics recommend insoles, as they are known to be the most effective tool for keeping pain and aches at bay.
They help restore the arch of the foot, reducing pain and other problems. With insoles, one can wear regular shoes, without having to buy shoes that are specially designed for flat feet. In rare cases people need to opt for footwear of a size larger than their regular one, to accommodate the corrective insoles.

How to Buy Them?

Always choose a pair depending on your foot size and the severity of the problem. Pick a pair that is the most comfortable one. These are available at drug stores, shoe shops, or specialized stores. Always buy those that are recommended by your orthopedic.
Ordering insoles online is also a good option if you know exactly what you want, but if it is your first purchase, then going to a store is preferable. Custom-made insoles are an expensive option, so, many people opt for off-the-shelf ones. 
Heat-molded and prefabricated ones are most popular, as they are priced much lower than custom-made ones. Orthopedics recommend custom-made insoles for those with extreme flat feet induced problems, as they offer rigid arch support.
The prices vary according to the material the insole is made from. Custom-made pieces that have spring actions attached to them, make the best running insoles as they work according to varying pressure. Some insoles are soft and provide a cushioning to your feet, which are more expensive than those having stiff plastic covering.
Always read reviews about different brands of insoles, and then take the decision. Consult your orthopedic before making your purchase. If he recommends custom-made ones, opt for those, as they will help get rid of your problems faster.