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Is It Better to Be Cremated?

Cremation can be a preferable option for people looking to save money or people who need more flexibility in terms of memorialization.
Modern Times Apr 28, 2019
More and more people are choosing cremation over burial. While cremation can help you save money, it’s also associated with a multitude of other benefits. Here are some things to consider while you make a decision.

Save Money

Since funerals and services are already expensive, cremation can help you save money. Cremations do not require embalming or the purchase of a casket, so they are often more cost-effective. In addition, loved ones will have the option of keeping the body somewhere more meaningful.

Simpler Process

Cremations can be finished within a few hours, whereas a burial allows the body to naturally decompose over a longer period of time. While some people would rather allow the process to occur naturally, others believe that cremation is a simpler and easier process.

Easier Memorialization

It’s not uncommon for family members to live far from their family roots. Cremation provides more options in terms of memorialization compared to a traditional burial. The remains can be stored at home, scattered on land, or buried in a pot.

Save Land Space

While cremation services are cheaper in terms of process, it also helps you avoid additional costs regarding visitation. Cremation is often a preferred choice because it can help save land space, which is becoming increasingly unavailable in cemetaries.

Religious Beliefs

For some, religious beliefs can play a significant role in deciding between cremation and burial. The Catholic Church requires ashes to be buried rather than scattered, while some Christian denominations do not permit cremation.
All in all, it’s important to remember that cremation is an irreversible process, and that your mind should be fully made up before committing. If you decide to be cremated, make sure to put your intentions in writing.