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Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy You Ought to Know

Physical and Mental Benefits of Massage Therapy
Massages are no longer restricted to luxury spas and salons, they are now available at various healthcare centers, hospitals, etc. A massage is considered to be a part of alternative medicine. It is often prescribed along with other medication to treat certain conditions.
Janna Seliger
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Beyond the physical benefits like reduction in pain and muscle tension, a massage is also beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. It also provides relief from headache, nerve pain, insomnia related to stress, digestive disorders, and sports injuries. Recent research shows that massage therapy has numerous medicinal benefits, too.
To put it simply, a massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues. The therapist generally uses his/her hands and fingers, but may also use his elbows and feet too, for massaging. One can massage one's back, legs, arms, and even head and jaw. It relieves stress and relaxes the body.
One of the most important benefits of a massage is that it lowers a person's blood pressure. If a person is affected by high blood pressure, then getting a professional massage could be helpful. It not only relaxes your body, but also slows down your heart rate. High blood pressure can lead to numerous health problems such as heart attack or stroke. An occasional massage can help prevent these serious health conditions.
Massages are good for a person's mental health as well. Many psychiatrists recommend massage therapy to their patients who are affected by anxiety, depression, and various mental conditions. The fact that it lowers the blood pressure is all the more proof that it physically relaxes the body, which in turn relaxes the mind. A professional massage is often accompanied by relaxing music which can make the experience all the more soothing.
There are a number of benefits to a massage therapy and pain reduction is one of them. Whether you have a back pain, headache, or even knee pain, massage therapy can help reduce the amount of pain.

In case of an injury, a massage is a great way to accelerate the healing process. Not only does it ease the pain, but it also increases blood flow. This increased blood flow helps your body to heal faster.
There are many more ways massage therapy can be beneficial. It can help reduce the effects of osteoporosis, assist preterm infants in development, increase pulmonary function in asthma patients, improve immune functions in HIV patients, and even decrease levels of glucose in people with diabetes.

It's not a cure-all for the aforementioned ailments, but it sure can help and is relatively safe.