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Tips to Give a Good Massage

Pragya T Mar 3, 2019
Here are some useful tips that will help you learn how to give a good massage to relax another person, using massage as a therapy.
If you are a beginner, and giving a massage to your partner for the first time, then instead of giving a full-body massage, give her a head and neck massage for 20 minutes. This will be equally rewarding, and you can avoid any awkwardness.
Due to our hectic schedules, we don't just suffer from mental tensions but physical too. As mind and body both are deeply connected, relaxing one can help relax the other as well.
Just like slow and deep breathing can help to relax the mind; similarly, you can use massage as a means to relax the body and calm the mind. There are many expensive spa treatments that can help you relieve stress.
However, such treatments are quite expensive, and one also needs to make a prior appointment for such treatments. In such a case, learning how to give a relaxing massage can help you to relax your partner or friend.
Massage is a highly developed form of therapy, but it is not necessary that you need to go through formal training to give a proper massage.
By treating another person's body with care, and using some massage techniques, you can learn to give a nice massage too.
Listed here are important tips on how to give a good massage, that will help you to relax another person's body and mind using massage therapy.


If you want the massage for her to be a beautiful experience, then make sure you plan and prepare in advance. You can keep the massage room ready, and surprise her, by showing the room to her. A great massage after a day's work will be greatly appreciated.
So, first thing you need to prepare is the place on which she will be lying down to receive the massage. A massage table is ideal, if you don't have one then you can make her lie down the bed or on the floor.
You should have easy access to move around the floor or the bed, so that you have an easy reach while massaging. Make sure the surface is clean; you can place a clean dark sheet on the surface. In case you are making the person lie down on the floor, make her lie on a mattress covered with a clean sheet.
Keep a rolled small towel, a large towel, and a hand towel handy.
The small towel can be placed under the forehead when she lies down on her stomach. The large towel will be used to cover the person's body area. The hand towel will be used to get rid of excess oil after the massage.
Get a quality massage oil; if you don't have one, take olive oil and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Oil helps glide your hand smoothly while giving massage. Dim the lights and light a few candles to set the ambiance. Make sure the room is not cold; keep the room temperature comfortable. Play some soothing instrumental music with low volume.
Ensure everything is hygienic, comfortable, and soothing.

Communicate with the Receiver

Before you start the massage, take two minutes to get the receiver ready for the massage.
Ask the receiver to undress and lie down on the table on her stomach, and cover her body with the large towel. If the receiver wants to retain wearing underclothes, then let her be. You can leave the room for two minutes while she changes. Covering her body with the large towel will help to keep her body warm, while she receives the massage.
Keep the rolled small towel under her forehead. This will help to keep her neck straight. Ask her if everything is okay - the room temperature, lighting, is she comfortable, etc.
Then take the massage oil in your hand, and rub it between your palms to warm it. Start with a basic stroke, and ask her if the pressure is okay? Adjust it according to what she wants, in case she is not happy with the initial pressure.
Guys, don't use too much pressure on your lady friend, it is not a kneading competition! Ladies, don't go too soft on your guy friend! The best way to figure out the right pressure preference is by communicating.

However, don't get chatty, keep your voice soft and soothing and let her enjoy the peace and pleasure of the massage.

Work with the Flow

When massaging, it is important to maintain the right flow, along with the appropriate strokes. So, first start with the shoulder, then neck, then the back, then finish with the arms. Now, start with the buttocks, thighs, calves, and finish with the feet.
Next, ask the person to turn around and lie down on her back. Again, start the massage with the chest, and move to the stomach, then the arms, the hip, then the thighs, the shins, and end with the feet again.
Since the midriff has many vital organs, and is not covered with any bones, it is better to avoid massaging the area. If at all you wish to massage this area, use lighter strokes. Also, don't put pressure directly on the spine. If the receiver is uncomfortable receiving massage in a particular area, then avoid it.
Completely avoid massaging these body areas - throat, ear notch, armpit, groin, back of the knee and ulnar notch of elbow. These are vulnerable body areas, and only highly skilled and trained professionals can work with these areas.

Focus more on areas like lower back, shoulder, and feet. These areas carry a lot of stress and hence need special attention.

Easy Massage Strokes

As a beginner, stick to some simple, yet effective massage strokes. Also, it is not possible to remember all the massage strokes, hence stick to a few effective ones.
You can start with broad general strokes, and then move on to specific and detailed strokes on the problem areas, like knots in the shoulders. Most massage strokes that you will be using for the massage are from the Swedish massage therapy. Here are few of these techniques that you can use while giving a massage.
Effleurage is a light gliding motion. So, using your palms, apply smooth, steady strokes. You can use circular or fan-like motion. The effleurage motion can be used for the overall body. For problem areas, you can use the kneading motion. End the massage with light drumming motion, using your fingertips.

Ending the Massage

Once the massage is over, take the hand towel and wipe off excess oilfrom the receiver gently. If she has fallen asleep, then let her take a few minutes nap.

Ask her to get up slowly. Many times, people don't realize how deeply relaxed they are, and might lose their balance if she gets up too fast.
After a massage the receiver tends to be thirsty, so offer her a cup of herbal tree or a glass of water to drink, once the massage is over. Finally, leave the massage room for them to change. Once she is dressed up, enjoy all the compliments on how awesome the massage was!
When massaging, keep a positive attitude and mood; this will make the massage even more relaxing and pleasing for the receiver. Many people tend to channelize this positive energy through their palms and fingers. With practice you can consider channelizing this energy, with your massage.