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Meaning of Moles on Body

Meaning of Moles on Body

All of us have moles on our body in various parts. But, did you know there is a particular meaning of moles on body parts? Read into the following article to find out what your moles mean.
Aparna Jadhav
Even though a mole on the skin is scientifically known as, "melanocytic nevus" and is defined as a small dark-colored spot on the skin, it can be used to analyze an individual's personality. Since it is an abnormal pigmentation by cells called melanocytes, they can appear anywhere on the skin. However, many people believe there are meanings to the placements of these moles on the body and face. These meanings further reflect on each individual's character or personality. The Chinese usually believe that depending on the locations of these moles, the person can be lucky or unlucky. Continue reading to understand the meanings of what moles on different body parts mean.

Hidden Meanings of Body Moles

Moles are usually found on various parts of our body such as face, upper body and lower body parts. Irrespective of these moles being hidden or not, they surely have a few hidden meanings in the Chinese culture. According to the study, if you have moles in specific spots on any body part, there are certain meanings related to it. These interpretations or meanings reflect your personality, way of living and dealing with situations, the ability to make decisions, and the overall character.

A mole in the frontal part of the neck, says you could have an unexpected good fortune. If the mole is present on either of the sides, you could have an unreasonable personality. However, if you have a mole at the back, you are someone who likes to lead an ordinary and simple life.

The next body part is your shoulder, where you could have the mole on either the right or left, front or back. A mole on either side of the shoulder could indicate a sensible and practical person. You are also someone who is responsible, outspoken, social and makes friends quickly.

The arms include body parts such as sleeves, armpits, elbows, wrists and fingers. Moles on each of these parts have different interpretations, depending on their exact locations. However, in brief, moles on arm regions indicate that you are polite and calm. Moles on armpits mean facing struggles which are well rewarded, usually with wealth. You could also be a cautious person. Elbow moles indicate the love for traveling, whereas moles on wrist signify people who are dependable and frugal in nature. Finger moles mean dishonesty and exaggerated nature.

The abdomen region includes parts such as chest or breasts, and the navel area. If you have a mole on either side of the chest area, you could be a lazy person who loves to enjoy the luxuries of life. You could also be someone who loves to live life in every possibly way. Moles on the navel area, indicate people who are lucky and enjoy a family life.

The back is a very common part of the body for moles, thus there are various interpretations for them. If you are someone who has a mole on the upper part of the back on either sides, you are a responsible person, can take good decisions, require change but you could lack elegance (for women). The moles on the lower parts of the back however, mean you are intelligent and creative in nature, a trustworthy person thus make life long friends very easily.

The hip region includes the waist, buttocks and the pelvic areas. Moles on the pelvic part mean capacity to achieve success and wealth. You could also be a very passionate individual. Moles on either sides of the hip mean that you are a content and spirited person, whereas the moles on the back side of the hip mean you will have a safe and easy life.

Now, coming to the leg region of the body, which includes parts such as thighs, knee, calves, shins, heel and feet. The moles on the front side of the thighs mean you are a positive person who treats people with respect, and the ones on the back side mean you are patient and good with numbers! Moles on the knee indicate, an extravagant lifestyle with loads of friends, and success in life with minimal work. Following this, if you have a mole on the calf and shin region, you come across as an ambitious person. However, moles on the heel mean the ability to make enemies and lose friends easily. Whereas those on the feet mean you could be a laid back individual.

With this interesting information about the meaning of moles on body parts, hope you have found out what your moles mean! Well, these meanings are for every person to believe on personal choice, but I am sure you had fun reading them.
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