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Medical Alert Necklaces

Rutuja Jathar Jan 23, 2019
Necklaces with medical alert systems are handy devices for patients. These are accessories that appear chic and will also save your life in an emergency.
Medical alert necklaces are lifesavers for those who need them. They have a small panic button that directly sends an alarm to the medical help center it is connected to. Proving to be a bliss to those in serious need of constant help, these devices enable patients to move around more confidently and enjoy their everyday lives just as normal people do.

Medical Alert Jewelry

This concept was introduced to make medical alert devices more popular, fashionable, and accessible. This jewelry carries out the basic functions of a medical device and makes its user look trendy by incorporating contemporary fashion designs.
It is available in various forms like bracelets, anklets, rings, shoe tags, charm bracelets, medical identification wrist watches, jelly bands, sport bands, pendants, and necklaces. These can be used for a wide range of diseases and purposes like:
  • Diabetes for all age groups
  • Allergies to certain foods or medicines
  • Rare blood groups
  • Rare blood diseases like Warfarin syndrome
  • Psychological disorders like autism
  • For elderly people and kids who cannot look after themselves
  • Almost all types of medical conditions

Maintenance of Medical Record

Medical alert necklaces provide patients with an easy access to emergency medical help. They supply primary medical information of a patient to the paramedics. There are certain alert pendants that carry a brief case history of the person, in the form of bar codes.
Sometimes they are even engraved with all the basic medical information of the person, and a toll-free number of their respective health care center. They can be helpful to everyone as they hold the key to a person's health details, right from their medical history to current medical conditions.


The alert system embedded in the necklace is connected to a base station, which responds in case of an emergency. This device consists of a button which when pressed, rings an alarm at the base station. Some of these devices are also embedded with a GPS tracker, so as to detect the location of the person in case of emergencies.


This kind of necklace is a must-have accessory for people requiring special medical attention. But certain devices don't really gel with the wardrobe that one has. Though it is true that health comes before fashion, certain necklaces just don't look like everyday accessories.
They unnecessarily seize the attention and sympathy that the patients don't enjoy much. Hence, a fashionable neckpiece is the best option that completes all characteristics of a medical device and yet, looks trendy.

As Fashion Accessories

These medical alert tools don't look like the regular ones. They are available in varying metals like sterling silver, gold, and titanium. You just have to select the metal that suits your personality and attach your alarm pendant to it.
Otherwise, you can also personalize your accessory by using the beaded necklaces that come in various forms and colors. These go with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. They serve the basic need of providing constant medical attention in an invisible form, like a guardian angel, and still let you enjoy your individuality and privacy.

Symbolizing Pendants

There is a huge array of pendants that you can choose from. They sometimes symbolize your medical situation in a unique and fashionable way.
For example, pendants in the shape of a peanut symbolize an allergy to peanuts. In short, you can choose any shape and form to customize them in the way you want. They are also available in the form of dog tags. So, now dogs can enjoy the benefits of these medical alerts too.
A medical alert necklace is an ideal gift for your loved ones, who need special medical attention. This way, you can build up their confidence, take care of their medical requirements, and enhance their lives in a fashionable way!