Effects of Meditation Music

Effects of Meditation Music

Meditative music helps the mind relax. It reduces stress and makes the individual feel at peace. Soothing music has an uncanny way of making you feel good about yourself.
WellnessKeen Staff
The type of music we listen to can tell a lot about our state of mind at that point in time. For those who practice meditation, it is a must that they feel at ease and are able to reach their mark of focus. It isn't easy to focus when you are surrounded by the noise of daily hustle and bustle. Which is why many opt for listening to soothing music in order to meditate. For some people, meditative music helps in forgetting all about their being and helps them flow with the music. It helps create an imagination of being in a distant and peaceful land where they visualize themselves being one with nature and being in harmony with themselves. While for some meditation helps channelize their focus into a single objective. Music meditation effects are different for everybody, because each individual experiences and attains varied levels of benefits through meditation.

What is Mediation Music
Meditation music is soft, soothing and ambient which has instrumental basis. Even if the songs contain vocals, the tone is set to a very mellow state, which helps bring calm upon the listener. You must always try to meditate to soothing music. Soothing instrumental music can be of any genre, such as Asian instrumental music or songs of nature, which include the chirping of birds, the songs of whales, the sound of water flowing downstream, of rain fall, thunder or soft breeze. Or it could be symphonic music such as the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Yani and other classical orchestra masterpieces. Other types include nature sounds, Morning Ragas composed by Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and many more. These consist of Indian classical instruments such as the Veena, Sitar or Indian flute. These ragas include very mellow vocals as well which have originated from either Carnatic or Hindustani schools of classical music. Even Christian hymns and slow gospel by the dreamers, 1 corinthians 13 - the way of love, etc. have similar effects on the believers.

You can find different types of meditation music such as Buddhist and Vedic Indian chants, either online or in music stores. However, it would be best to try listening to some tracks online and see if you like the music or not.

Soothing Effects of Meditative Music

Reduces Stress
Meditation before beginning work or after returning from work, helps in unwinding. It helps reduce all the pent-up stress and anxiety of pending work, deadlines and responsibilities. Anyone who needs to relax and calm down, must try meditating to music. It helps the body relax and calms the heart rate thereby pumping more oxygenated blood in the body. Since meditation is all about breathing, the practice of taking deep inhalations and exhalations helps calm the heart down and reduces anxiety and adrenalin levels.

Sharpens the Mind
The mind becomes sharper and our thoughts become clearer after meditating through music. The mind begins to think faster and feels less tired or bogged down by tensions. Music while meditating makes you feel refreshed and able to deal with work with the confidence that you'll be able to complete your task for the day. It also makes you more aware of your body and the areas in your life which need improvement. You begin to realize the importance of health and overall well-being, thus encouraging you to bring about a balance between lifestyle and overall health.

Gives Tranquility
Listening to music while meditating brings you closer to a more peaceful state of mind, where you can relax with the music. The type of music we listen to carries us to an imaginary place where we visualize ourselves free of all ties, expectations and fears. It is not a form of escape, but is in fact a way of spending time with ourselves and reliving childhood dreams and aspirations. If there is anytime when we daydream, it is during meditation and when listening to music. While we are in that state of tranquility, we also thank destiny and god for the many blessings we have been bestowed with. We learn to appreciate the tiny nuances of our life. Music helps set us free from our fears and guides us to our lost desires. To sum it all up, meditating on music helps one feel happy.

Healing Technique
There are many who use meditation music as a medium of healing. There are many people who have experienced gradual improvement in their state of mind and health through meditation. The answer lies in focusing all your attention in creating harmony in your mind and body. If you tell your mind to heal itself, it will, to a large extent. Many people have been cured of depression, addiction and relieved of painful experiences, through the practice of meditation.

Soothing music does not act as a barrier while meditating, all it does is clear up the mind and prevents it from getting distracted. Once the mind reaches that point, it stops focusing on the music and begins interpreting the sounds according to what brings it peace. However, the soothing effects of meditative music may vary from one individual to the other. Nonetheless, meditation in itself with or without music helps calm the restless mind and controls its ever raging temper and stress.