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Misconceptions About Retired Life: There's More Than Meets the Eye

Misconceptions About Retired Life
A lot of people believe that everything will change for the better after they are retired. However, this is far from reality. Some misconceptions about retirement are explained in this WellnessKeen article.
Anuya Waghmare
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Retirement can be a great joy if you can figure out how to spend time without spending money. - Author Unknown
You may often hear people who are about to retire say things like, "I am going to travel the world", or "Retirement will put an end to the hustle-bustle of work-life. I am going to relax and pursue my hobbies now." Today, retirement is not only about retiring from work, but it is about exploring new avenues and possibilities, which helps re-tire and re-treat your life.

However, if we just think about it, is retirement life as cushy and easy as it seems? Are retirees able to enjoy retirement and reap its benefits as they thought they would? Is there a difference between the concept of retirement and the reality after retirement?

According to a poll conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Harvard School of Public Health and NPR, out of 1,254 people who were above 50 years of age, one-fourth of these individuals were unhappy with their retired life. These individuals mentioned that retirement is worse than the life they lived when they were working.
Top Misconceptions About Retired Life
Less Stressful
Retired Life is Less Stressful:
No hassle, no waking up early, no work, no boss, no worry, and no tension. Life could not get any better.

Stress never leaves our lives. After retirement, only the stress-inducing factors change. Now, you may be worried about yours or your spouse's health, family, or money. Yes, instead of worrying about work and other related issues, it is now personal problems that come to the fore, that makes retired life even more stressful.
Playing Chess After Retirement
Hobbies and Travel Can Be Taken Up Easily:
You have plenty of time to go to all the places you ever dreamed of visiting, and enjoy a hobby which you have always wanted to try out.

Yes, you have all the time in the world, which is now taken up by other duties and responsibilities. Some retirees may need to take care of their grandchildren, some may have to look after elderly or ailing family members, whereas others may need to be around their friends and family to provide support. Some may have financial issues or health-related problems, which prevents them from traveling or enjoying their hobbies. Thus, most retirees actually travel less than what they used to before retirement.
Health Will Improve
Health Will Improve:
You will be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle, since you get more time to pamper yourself. You will be able take good care of your mind and body by exercising.

Often, aging and other health-related issues come up, which prevent you from exercising. They may forbid you from adopting healthy eating habits or lifestyle changes. The survey results showed that more than half of the retirees said that their eating habits remained the same, and about one-third said that they get less exercise than what they did, prior to retirement.
Standard of Living
Standard of Living Will Remain the Same:
Retirees plan and save for the future, so that they can continue and maintain their standard of living.

The cost of things will increase in the future, as compared to what it is today. Healthcare and medical services will need to be considered, as they are bound to drill a hole in your savings. If you have considered inflation and saved accordingly, then you are good to go. However, if it's the other way round, then you may just have to cut down, change, or compromise your way of living, so as to save for a rainy day.
Still Have Time for Retirement
You Still Have Time for Retirement:
You still have time to retire, and you can start planning for retirement a few years down the line. It is your personal decision, and you can ready yourself for retirement.

Inflation, layoffs, mergers, buyouts, or health concerns, may force any individual to retire earlier than they had planned. In this era of tough competition, it is better to be prepared in advance for unexpected situations like these. Planning in advance will help you stay afloat in times of crisis.
These were some misconceptions that surround the topic of retirement. Planning, preparing, and working hard to secure your future is the key and is in your hands. Be ready to start a new phase of your life, because life begins at retirement.