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Captivating Facts About the Most Rare Eye Color

Most Rare Eye Color
Brown, blue, hazel, are common eye colors we get to see in people. Wondering, what is the most rare eye color in humans? Read on..
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
When you first meet a person, one of the features we notice is the eyes. They say eyes are windows to the soul. You can tell a lot of things about how a person is feeling, happy, sad, tired, violent, by looking at the eyes. There is even eye body language science which tells a lot about the person thoughts. Eyes have been used a lot to describe a person, and have a lot of importance and references in literature. Common eye colors we get to see and hear about are brown, blue, hazel and gray. But, do you know which eye colors are rare?
Rare Eye Colors in Humans
Mentioned below are five rare eye color which are seen in humans. Where red topping the eye color chart as the rarest eye color, and violet, amber, green and black being rarer.
Only albinos are observed to have red eyes. The eyes of people who have severe albinism, under certain light conditions display red color eyes. This phenomenon is due to low quantities of melanin pigment. Melanin is the pigment, which defines the color of eyes and skin. Due to low levels of this pigment, under light, the blood vessels can be seen through. Sometimes, you must have noticed that photographs will have red-eyes. This occurs under bright light, due to flash photography. Here the back of the eyeball is reflected, which is abundant in blood vessels, causing the pupil to appear red in the picture. This is the rarest eye colors, seen in humans. Here are some other rarer eye colors seen.
Again, this shade of eye color is generally seen in albinos. In certain albinos, the eye color appears to be violet because of the mixing of blue and red reflections. Violet eyes are either a form of blue eyes or can be caused due to mutation.
If you think there are many people with black eye color in the world, then you are wrong. As many people who appear to have black eyes, have actually very very dark brown eyes that look black in color. This makes the shade black, seen in human eyes very rare. Brown color eyes, are actually one of the most common natural eye colors.
People who have amber eyes display golden and coppery tint eye color shade. Want to know why people have amber eyes? This is because of the deposition of the yellow pigment called lipochrome, inside the iris. This is a very rare eye color seen in humans. Many times, amber colored eyes are referred to as wolf eyes, because the occurrence of amber colored eyes is very common in wolves.
Green is a striking eye color, and a very attractive one too. Did you know, that only 1 to 2 percent of people in the world are born with green eyes? This is a very rare eye color, and occurs due to moderate production of melanin pigment. Usually, people who are from Northern European countries and Nordic countries like Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, have green eyes.
You might also come across a person, who has the right eye color different to the left one. This occurs due to a condition called heterochromia, which is very rare. This happens due to genetics or Waardenburg Syndrome. Sometimes, certain medications, or trauma can lead to increased or decreased pigmentation and cause heterochromia.
Elf with Violet Eyes
Red Eyes
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Green eyes
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