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Orthopedic Shoes for Kids

Orthopedic shoes for kids are available in a wide range of types and designs. If you are planning to buy them for your children, read on to understand the essential factors to be considered.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Feb 28, 2019
Just like adults, kids experience a lot of feet problems, such as heel pain, calcaneal apophysitis or Severs' disease, and flat foot. Dealing with a child with painful feet is quite disheartening for parents. Due to the painful symptoms, he/she can no longer play outdoor games.
Based on the existing foot problem or the likeliness to develop some in future, doctors recommend orthopedic shoes with specific features. These are designed to relieve foot pain, manage discomfort signs related to feet conditions, and if possible, treat them.

Factors to be Considered

Although nearly all these shoes for women, men, and kids are custom-made to meet individual demands, there are some standard features that one need to check while buying them. The criteria are more stringent with these shoes for kids.
After all, you want to make sure that your child is comfortable wearing medical shoes. With so many manufacturers and brands in the market, you will surely get the shoes, which are comfortable as well as trendy.

Check the Sole

For children, a wide sole with no slope is the best. Even if you are buying these shoes for girls, never go for heels, as they may aggravate heel pain and discomfort symptoms. For children with increased feet sweating, sandal type shoes are ideal to reduce sweating.

Material Options

Colorful ones made with fabric are good for kids. No doubt, shoes with pure leather are more durable than fabric, plastic, or foam types. But they are tough and hard, which reduce flexibility of the feet after wearing them. So, you can check for flexible and elastic shoes.

Shape of the Shoes

Medical shoes are worn for increased comfort, but not because they look trendy. Pointed medical shoes may look adorable, but do not buy them, unless your child is used to wearing them. Instead, go for wide shoes with a broad end, so that the toenails can move freely without squeezing effects.

Seams and Footpads

A good pair of shoes should not have seams on the inner side. So, check the finishing of the shoes before you finalize them. Also, choose shoes with removable footpads. If you are not satisfied with the available ready-made shoes, order custom-made shoes for kids with all the required features.

Shoe Style and Design

Of course, you will find stylish and fashionable shoes for kids in shoe supply centers. But, do not just go by the color and design of the shoes. Remember, the comfort level and required features are the first priorities, after which the style comes up. Keeping this in mind, go on checking until you get the best pair for your kid.
The price range is the last point to remember. Even the most comfortable shoes come under USD 100, usually between USD 40 to USD 70. This is applicable for both, boys' as well as girls' shoes. The point is, do not assume a pair of shoes to be perfect for your kids, just because they are pricey, but check the features first.
Allow your kid to try them on, and walk a few steps. If they are comfortable, only then make a purchase. Wearing wrong medical shoes may worsen the feet problem instead of treating it.
On a concluding note, it will be wise to take advice from the concerned orthopedist regarding the type of shoes required. Also, ask for the particular brand or supply center from where you can get the best ones. If possible, let your child wear those shoes regularly, only after approval by the orthopedist.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.