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Advantages of Orthopedic Shoes for Toddlers

Saptakee Sengupta Oct 28, 2018
Orthopedic shoes is the perfect choice for kids, toddlers and children of all age groups. Read on to know about their advantages.
When kids learn to toddle they do not know the right way to step. They tumble, get up and try to walk again. To assist them in the learning phase of walking, you need to buy the right type of shoes for your baby so that they do not hurt their heels.
Also known as corrective shoes, they are manufactured by reputed shoe manufacturing companies. Such shoes render comfort to children while playing, walking or performing any kind of activities.


Orthopedic shoes are not only beneficial for infants but also for children of all age group. The anatomy of feet is affected quite a lot by the shoes kids wear. Wearing the right kind of shoes, avoids any kind of problems associated with feet and toes. Orthopedic shoes for infants have perfect shape that provide immense comfort to their tender feet.

Foot Development

Children's feet need proper support, so that formation of bones takes place in the correct way. Wearing inappropriate shoes gives rise to various kinds of foot disorders like hammer toes, heel pain and bunions.
Toe deformities were much higher among older children who commit the mistake of experimenting with fancy stuff. Heavy shoes with heels cause damage to the heels. Orthopedic shoes for children help to overcome such problems.

High Arch

High arch is a characteristic feature of these shoes. Parents often complain that their child has flat feet or low arch. This condition is actually mistaken for incorrect assumption. The problem arises due to regular use of shoes having minimal arching. Thus, try out the shoes with good arch support to get rid of foot problems like flat feet or club feet.

Shoe Soles

There are three kinds of soles embedded inside a shoe. Insole is the interior bottom of the shoe that lies directly under the feet. The foot beds are usually made up of cellulose paper or sometimes with extra cushions. Health shoes provide foot positioning features and prevents accumulation of moisture and odor.
The layer that has direct contact with the ground is known as outsole. Health shoes offer maximum grip and have multiple soles attached, so that the feet are not hurt while walking, running or playing.
Shock absorption is the function of the midsole that is placed between the insole and outsole. These features are provided in the premium brand for orthopedic shoes for babies, toddlers or children.

Heel and Vamp

Custom-made orthopedic shoes have wonderful shapes, offering comfort to the frontal and back portion of the feet. The upper part is known as the vamp, that holds the shoe onto the foot. Closed footwear have spacious vamps lending enough comfort for placing the fingers.
The bottom part or the heel of the shoes are made of the same material as the outsole. Cushioned heels are highly comfortable and help to prevent injuries during vigorous feet movements.
Pure leather shoes are the best orthopedic shoes for toddlers. Today, stylish and fashionable shoes are being manufactured by various companies without compromising their comfort zone. They are also useful for regular use. You can buy such kinds for your kids going to schools or engaged in sports. Shoes having kiddie designs look very cute on toddlers.
Medical shoes have evolved with fancy get up and they render a cool look. Most importantly, you have to check for the correct fit, size and then purchase them.