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What to Look for Before Buying Orthopedic Slip-resistant Shoes

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 12, 2019
Orthopedic footwear that is slip resistant could prove to be a product that serves to deliver great respite to your feet. Here are some important instructions on what you must look out for when you go shopping for orthopedic shoes.
We ignore foot health either on purpose or due to sheer negligience. When was the last time when we had a good look at our feet and decided that we need to seriously do something about the condition that our feet are in. Well, if you are not a good caretaker of your feet, the world will refuse to be at your feet. Alright, let us not get too metaphorical.
Let's say that you would suffer from feet issues if you think that your feet will simply thrive on neglect. We need to keep this in mind while taking into consideration optimum feet health. This is where orthopedic slippers and orthopedic slip-resistant shoes come into picture.They are comfortable home footwear that help maintain the health of feet.
These shoes are a must for those who are engaged in quick jobs, have to turn and rush around the place, and thus have a higher probability of sustaining trips and slips, either due to the slippery finish stones they step on, or are just in a hurry to see where they set foot.
When the feet are sore and have no rest, our body too feels worn and fatigued. Sore feet can be helped if you pick the best orthopedic slippers or orthopedic shoes. They serve to be extremely helpful and save your feet from various ailments that cause immense pain and discomfort.

What You Must Check When Buying Orthopedic Shoes

There are certain features that you must look out for when buying orthopedic shoes and slippers. Here are some of the components that are mandatory when you choose an orthopedic pair of shoes.

Arch Support

A comfortable arch support is what you need when you are looking out for quality features in the orthopedic pair. An arch support is a must in order to achieve optimum control during navigation.

Removable/Detachable Insoles

Removable or detachable insoles are a prerequisite to comfort and a complete fit. Removable insoles for the orthopedic slippers and shoes are convenient in nature. They provide unmatched comfort, and there are many designs and materials in which you could have your orthopedic shoes in.
There are sheepskin insoles and other designs that you may love to give a try to. The insole of the shoe is also referred to as the footbed. These shoes are very comfortable to wear and make your experience of moving around a pleasurable one.

Non-Slip / Non-Skid Shoe Soles

The slip-resistant shoes are the best pick as they are comfortable and durable in nature. They also help you in navigating places and areas that are skid-prone, and help you to maintain optimum balance.

Shoe Tread

Slip-resistant orthopedic shoes have tread patterns in different shapes, constructed in a compact manner. They optimize spacing between each of the treads to deal with liquids if the shoe comes in contact with such surface.

Outer Soles

Examine the soles. Check on their sturdiness and see to it that they have enough cushioning to provide protection from sharp or pointed objects. Walk around the shoe store to inspect the comfort aspect.

Fit of the Shoe

Make sure that the shoe fits well. It should not be lose nor it should be too tight, so that it stifles your foot completely. Walk around and see how you feel when you have placed your self in the shoe. Make sure you have a comfortable space between your toes and the end of the shoe.
This will not create suffocation for your toes and will also not lead to toe jams. To check if there is enough room for your toes to breathe, wriggle them to check if the comfort level is maintained.


For women, the best shoes are low-heeled shoes that measure about three-quarters of an inch. A wide padded heel and a cushioning sole that provides comfort and saves you against the impact of walking on surfaces, is ideal for women.
Women need to bear in mind that the higher the heel, the worse the effect is on the foot. Men generally feel most comfortable in athletic shoes or sturdy low-heeled boots.
You are sure to buy a pair that makes you feel comfortable and redefines your walking experience. Whether it is about walking through slippery areas or running past spaces that are known for their skid-prone surfaces, you could rest assured with shoes that are slip resistant and serve as orthopedic footgear.