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Personal Hygiene Tips You Need to Know

Charlie S Oct 30, 2018
Personal hygiene is very important for living a healthy life free from diseases and disorders. Poor hygiene causes various skin conditions, bacterial and fungal infections, and unpleasant odor.
Personal hygiene is something all of us have learned at home from parents and in early school days. These good habits learned in the childhood are followed throughout life. Thus, doctors, parents, and teachers give a special emphasis on them. Not only kids but adults are also required to know the importance of these habits to prevent any kind of diseases.

Personal Hygiene Tips for All of Us

Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly

Brushing teeth twice or thrice in a day is necessary for good dental health. It has been observed that many people lack the knowledge of brushing teeth properly. This may lead to various problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, toothache, etc.
A person should visit a dentist once every 6 months to get his oral health checked. Also, you should change your toothbrush every 3 months to maintain the oral health. You should rinse your mouth at regular intervals during the day.

Bathe Everyday

The most important tip is to have a bath everyday. This will refresh you and keep you fresh all-day. Showering daily rids your body of bad odor.

Shampoo Your Hair

Apart from the body, keeping your hair clean is essential to maintain their health and make them look shiny and good. Use of a mild shampoo is recommended to keep your hair clean.
Some may wash their hair daily to avoid the build up of oil and grease on them, whereas some prefer to wash their hair on alternate days to avoid them from drying out.

Cut Your Nails Properly

While washing all your body parts is essential, keeping the nails of the hands and the feet in good condition is also necessary. Clean your nails while bathing, and use a nail cutter to cut your nails to the proper length.
By doing so, you can prevent the build up of germs and bacteria on your hands and also prevent them from entering your mouth. Biting nails in not a good habit and it should be avoided to prevent any problem related to the stomach.

Proper Haircut

Visiting the cutting salon and getting your haircut is a good practice. Washing your face few times a day is also a good habit. By doing so, all the dust and dirt particles which accumulate on the face are cleaned.

Comfy Clothes

The clothes you wear should be made of a good material so that it absorbs sweat. They should not irritate your skin. It is essential to wash the clothes to rid them of dirt and sweat. The clothes should fit you well, make you feel comfortable, and shouldn't be too tight.
Apart from this you should avoid application of a very strong perfume on your clothes, as it can irritate your skin.

Wash Your Hands

Washing hands with an antiseptic soap or a hand wash makes them free of disease-causing germs. Hence you should wash your hands before and after having food, after coming home from outside, after using the toilet, etc.
Failure to do so can invite infections and diseases, which may require many days of treatment for complete cure.

Purified Drinking Water

Be very careful about the kind of food you eat. Ensure that it is healthy and has all the essential nutrients required by the body. You should also make sure that the water which you drink is clean, as contaminated water can cause many water-borne diseases.
Keep the surroundings clean to avoid various diseases. Also, regular exercises should be performed to stay fit.
Bad habits like chewing tobacco and smoking should be given up as early as possible.