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Polarized Vs Non Polarized Lenses

Shashank Nakate Oct 27, 2018
Read on to know more about the differences between the polarized and non-polarized types of lenses.
The use of polarized lenses was popularized by fishermen who benefited a lot by them. The glare produced by horizontal polarization was easily obstructed by these lens types.
Polarized sunglasses are available in many varieties and price ranges. One can also choose from different lens colors that are available in the market.

Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses

The intensity of light of the polarized waves is much higher than that of the scattered ones. Hence, this kind of light waves would prove to be harmful for the eyes, and especially for those who are driving. It might also lead to road accidents.
Thus, purchasing sunglasses with polarized lenses is a safer option than the normal ones. These lenses are used to block the intense light that is reflected from flat surfaces.
The sunglasses made from them are able to block the glare, as they are vertically polarized, while the light reflected by flat surfaces is horizontally polarized.
The non-polarized ones have a dark shade, and reduce the intensity of light. However, unlike the polarized lenses, they cannot counter the effects of horizontal polarization. These lenses do not take into account the direction in which light is coming.
Thus, they prove to be ineffective in blocking polarized light. The automobile drivers can remain alert so that they can drive smoothly because of these lenses. The driving becomes much safer, and this lens type allows enough light to pass through them in order to view things clearly.

Polarized Lens Test

It is easy to make out the difference between both types of lenses. One has to hold both of them against sunlight. The polarized ones obstruct much more light than the non-polarized ones. This test proves to be helpful in choosing the right lens for your sunglasses.