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Raising Confidence and Enjoying Better Health with Good Posture

Finnegan Pierson Oct 19, 2019

Improving Many Areas of your Life

Good or poor posture is going to have an impact on many different areas in your life. Keeping your posture in check will improve your brain function in amazing ways. Your posture has a big role in your confidence level, your mood and your health. It should not be taken lightly.
Raise your confidence and improve other areas of your life by standing tall and proud. Proper posture and added body movement will keep your joints aligned and will reduce any abnormal use of your joint surfaces. Keeping the muscles moving in an efficient manner will use less energy. Good posture will increase your confidence level and reduce health issues.

Defining Poor Posture Clearly

Poor posture is the outcome of tightened or shortened muscles which have weakened over time. Poor posture and daily activities are a powerful combination. It is not difficult to spot a person with poor posture because the body does not lie.
This may include rounded shoulders, a pot belly, noticeable headaches, slower muscle movement, the head might be leaning backward or forward and other various symptoms are associated with poor posture. Poor posture can be the cause of mental and physical stress. It is responsible for reducing motivation and dulling the senses.

The Results are In

Qualified researchers have discovered the affects of bad posture on the brain. The research has been conducted by some professionals at top academic institutions and universities. Include Columbia and Harvard among the institutions. The studies involving posture and its impact on the brain have been in the works for decades.
The results indicate that good posture will improve your confidence, health and your mood. The way you walk will impact your posture. If you are walking in a slumped down manner it is going to make you feel downhearted and tired. When you change your posture while you are walking you feel more confident and stronger.
Your brain will receive the message of confidence and strength. Happy hormones will be pumped out in order to match your walking. Poor posture at work will affect your brain too. Slouching too much will send other types of messages to your brain. You can expect to have pain in your shoulders, neck, back and even your wrist with poor posture.

Tips and Improvements Add Up

There are many useful tips to help you to improve your posture. When you apply them to your life they are going to add up; you can plan on looking great and feeling much more confident. You can expect to reduce your aches and pains when you apply these tips to your life. You will enjoy great benefits when you quit your slouching.