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Right Brain Characteristics

The personalities of individuals who are prominent in use of right brain, differs drastically, from that of the left brain users. Know more about right brain characteristics...
Shrinivas Kanade Jan 22, 2019
Until recently, left-handed individuals were considered, sort of, inferior to the right-handed people. This is so because they think and act differently when compared to the right-handed people.
To start with, when someone is speaking in terms of the right brain or the left brain, he or she is talking about the left or the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex of brain that an individual uses prominently. We don't know yet, the reasons behind why the left or the right hemisphere is preferred by a baby.
The situation has changed. Nowadays, it does not matter whether one is right-handed or left-handed. Now, it is known that the left-handed individuals use their right brain as their prominent think tank.
With the use of right brain they exhibit brain characteristics peculiarly exhibited by the left-handed people. If you go through the history, you will find many left-handed people who have done rather well than their right-handed counterparts (Sorry for comparing!). 
The famous scientists such as Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein were right brain users. So were the famous painters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo and chess player Bobby Fisher. The following are the right brain attributes, i.e., characteristic behavior that the left-handed people display.

Attributes of Right Brain

The cerebral cortex is what differentiates us from the rest of animal kingdom. Its task include collection and integration of the information from the sense organs which plays an important part in forming perceptions. It also controls motor functions. Most importantly, it reigns emotions and acts as memory storage.
However, its main job is to control emotions and thinking. Of the two halves, the right lobe of the brain functions differently than the left. It specializes in visual face recognition, spatial aptitude, music and insight. The following is a list of right brain features for easy reference:
► The levels of musical skills acquired by right-handed and by left-handed persons differ, and make the latter individuals appear as if blessed by the God. Musicians such as Bach, Jimi Hendrix were left-handed. So is Paul McCartney, one of the Beatles.
► One of the important right brain attribute is related to its ability to identify patterns in the information it is receiving and drawing conclusions based on it, even before it is complete. This makes the left-handed individuals intuitive. They are always a step ahead of their right-handed counterparts, being forewarned by their right brainwave.
► Coming to a conclusion based on the feeling and visual perception is also a feature of right brain.

► When it comes to learning, left-handed individuals find it a lot easier with visual and audio images. This poses a great problem for them especially, when they are trying to memorizing a text or do something with the abstract mathematics.
► In school, they are considered as slow learners or lacking enough brain power as it happened with the Great Albert Einstein. It is because they miss out on using prepositions and on getting the full meaning of the sentences.
► The situation is further complicated by the fact that there are more dyslexics in right-brained individuals than the left-brained. It means difficulty in pronunciation of letters or words, reading backwards which may happen for a whole word or number or with a letter or a digit and misplacing them.
► While solving problems from mathematics, right brain enables them to skip to the answer without going through the drudgery of arriving to it step by step. They present the solution in the same way.
►The words they hear get associated with images. The word, "Lion", could trigger the sequence of images from the movie "The Lion King" that they have seen, or it could take them to a hunting lodge they might have visited or to Jungle trip out of class room. Isn't this, in short-term, daydreaming or imagination. This is also a typical right brain attribute.
► Routine bores them and you should not expect them to follow rules that are meaningless to them.
► Its not easy to understand these individuals. They are often misunderstood. Left-handed people get into trouble because of their right brain. The most typical characteristic of right brain users is they think or shift from one thought to another so fast that they say something unconnected without editing, right in the middle of sentence they are speaking.
► These are not only social but they also feel for others and are charismatic. They can compromise. They do their best to please the crowd and in turn, need to be accepted. Right-brained individuals are sensitive, passionate and impatient which is a deadly combinations that leads them into a relationship without a second thought for the consequences.
► As a leader they are risk takers, goal setters and with their ability to see beyond the horizon, improve, recreate, reinvent to come up with the out-of-the-box solutions. They are influenced by the positive factors which make them motivate others more easily.
► They are natural storytellers, creative writers and can digest lots facts to come up with something laced with fantasy.

► You could find right brain users as entrepreneurs, musicians, politicians, artists, craftsmen, athletes and naturally, as scientists, too.
Do these individuals really have problem solving abilities and what it takes to grasp complex concepts and theories? Well, they are creative; their right brain enables them to come up with the new ideas, thoughts and theories effortlessly.
Well, Theory of Relativity and the Laws of Gravitation, are both the brain-work of left-handed individuals, exhibiting spatial attitude or creative thinking. It is a very, very special right brain attribute of grappling with the space and its meaning.
It is no wonder that lefties are considered as oddballs, in a world that is mostly inhabited by right-handed, routine bounded persons who cherish and glorify the single tracked thought process.