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Preventive Measures and Treatments for Sand Flea Bites on Humans

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 20, 2018
Sand flea bites is a common sight when people return from their beach vacation. Read on to know how to prevent and treat sand flea bites.
Sand flea bites can cause a lot of irritation, as they are very itchy. They are often caused after a visit to beaches, as the warmer conditions are favorable for the to grow. These parasites are known to have massive appetite, hence bite multiple bites.
The flea bites should be treated at the earliest, as they can also transmit diseases like tapeworm, murine typhus, plague, etc. Now you may have a question what do flea bites look like? Check if you can see red welts on any part of your body accompanied by itching, after returning from a beach vacation, it may be caused due to sand flea bites.

How to Treat Sand Flea Bites

Now that the fleas have had a good buffet on your body, you will have to take measures to treat the welts they have left behind. These bites may not necessarily be dangerous, but they certainly do cause a lot of discomfort for a number of days to come. Let's see how to treat flea bites.
►The first important step for treating sand flea bites is NOT to scratch the affected area. This will make sure that you are not prone to an infection, swelling, skin redness. How much ever be the temptation do not scratch. The urge to scratch is a symptom of flea bite.
►The fleas have a tendency to burrow itself under the skin and continue to suck blood from the body. Hence, the next step is to check if any of the welts have a burrowed flea in it. In case you do notice a sand flea in the welt, visit your health care provider immediately.
Do not try to remove the flea yourself, as the flea may go deep down into the skin or you may end up injuring yourself in the process.

►If the itching sensation is too much, as well as there are rashes you can make use of any topical anti-histamine. Rub the anti-histamine gently on the affected area.
►If you experience pain, then you can take over-the-counter available pain killers. In case the pain killers do not prove useful, then a visit to the doctor is warranted for.

►Along with the sand flea bites, if you suffer from fever, then do not try to self treat yourself. A visit to the doctor is necessary to check if the fleas have transmitted any disease.
►Among the home remedies for flea bites is the use of baking soda paste, made by combining baking soda with water. Apply the paste on the flea bite welts. Leave it till the paste dries off and then wash the area with cold water. If necessary apply it again after some time.
►Aloe vera gel can also be applied on the affected area for treating flea bite. The natural cooling and soothing effect of the gel will help in reducing the itching sensation.

How to Prevent Sand Flea Bites

If you are going for a beach vacation soon, then it is best to take measures to prevent coming back with sand flea bites. On the other hand, if you have just come back, you will want to know the steps, you should take to avoid sand flea bites the next time you are on a beach vacation. Let's learn how to prevent sand flea bites on humans.
►The sand flea feed primarily on organic and decaying plants. Therefore, if you see a plant washed to the shore, you will want to stay away from it because you can get sand flea bites. If your pet is accompanying you for the vacation, keep the pet away as well.
►There are two times in the day, when a person is more prone to flea bites. At dawn and after dusk avoid going to the beach.

►The best way to recognize if there are sand fleas around, is to strain your ears a little and see if you can hear a high pitched whine. If you do hear it, then it is a sign that fleas are around. In that case move away from the area.
►In case you realize some insect has bitten you, then stop and take a look to check what insect bite it is. Often people pass of flea bites as mosquito bites, which aggravates the problem.

►Before you head to a beach give yourself a good coat of an insect repellent. Make sure you have checked the label if the repellent works on fleas as well.
►Do not sit on the beach immediately. Put a towel, mat, etc. on the sand before you sit.

►Try and cover yourself before you sit on the beach, so that the fleas will not stick to the body.
It is important not to neglect sand flea bites on humans to avoid any further complications caused by the bites. If the welts are persistent along with itching, visit your health care professional immediately.