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Self-defense Moves

Self-defense Moves
Whether to protect yourself from domestic violence, or molestation by a stranger on a street, nowadays it is essential for everyone to learn some basic self-defense techniques. Therefore, the following article throws some light on some simple and effective self-defense moves that will help you to defend yourself under most circumstances.
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Self-defense moves are basic body movements that help you protect yourself from any unexpected dangerous situations. It is basically a body's natural self-defense mechanism that empowers us to either fight or flee under any such circumstances by increasing our speed, power, and even tolerance for pain. In comparison to some complicated martial arts moves that look nice but have little practicality, most self-defense moves are simple and can be implemented easily.
Basic moves comprise gross motor moves and attacking vital target moves. Gross motor moves basically involve simple replicated compound muscles movements like pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting, and throwing. Though these moves can be learned by anyone, gross motor moves are extremely strong and effective whenever used. But if your opponent is more powerful than you, these moves alone are not sufficient, and you may need to employ moves that will inhibit your opponent's fighting ability. These moves include eye scrape, palm heel strike, ear box, elbow strike, and upward groin strike. They are powerful, durable, and are unlikely to cause any personal injury during the process of striking another.
Basic Self-Defense Techniques
The first thing to be kept in mind whenever you come across any such situation is to keep your cool so that you can analyze the situation, remember your moves and accordingly plan your implementation. Getting panicked or hyped can actually interfere with you rational thinking and will not let you think wisely. Following are some moves that will always work irrespective of the situation, opponent, age, or gender.
  • In a situation when the attacker holds you from behind, take your right foot, cup it behind the attackers right leg and pull it forward. Though this will make him fall backwards, he may still not release you. So, while turning around try taking your hands back, grab his face, and scratch whatever comes within your reach. Eventually he'll let you go and then you can either continue fighting or run.
  • If the attacker grabs you by the neck and pins you against the wall, you can cup your hands and deliver hard smacks against his ears. You can also use the wall as leverage and go upwards with your legs and give him a hard push. If you have heels on then it's even better, aim for his head and kick infinitely.
  • Since the jaw is the most sensitive area, one of the best ways to defend yourself is to render an effective hit to the attacker's jaw. Make a fist, position your thumb to the side of the fingers and strike with the palm side of your knuckles.
  • A strong kick in the center of the chest is one of the most dangerous self-defense techniques, but very effective as well, as it can create a lot of problems for the attacker. If strongly rendered on the opponent, the person can go into a cardiac arrest which can even cause death.
  • Hitting the groin is one of the oldest and the best self-defense techniques that has the power to incapacitate the attacker.
Hopefully, you will never come across any such situations where you might have to implement these self-defense moves. Before implementing these tactics, however, it is recommended to practice them with an experienced trainer so that you can strike accurately and knock out anyone who tries to harm you. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings, avoiding dark and isolated areas, and keeping some self-defense weapons are some useful preventive measures that will keep you away from any unexpected harmful circumstances.
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