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Things You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

The 4 Basic Things You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents claim thousands of lives each year in the United States. There are several causes and consequences of these accidents. Read on to know more..
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Slip and fall injuries are very common. In fact, they are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States. Although, most slip and fall injuries are of minor consequence, a severe slip and fall injury can result in the death of a person. Several legal implications can arise, if such an accident takes place on someone else's property. There are certain important things you should know about such accidents, if you wish to take legal steps.
Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Wet flooring
  • Torn carpets
  • Unwarned manholes
  • Unwarned changes in the level of the surface
  • Broken sidewalk
  • Inadequate lighting
Where Do Such Accidents Occur
These accidents can occur almost anywhere, anytime. However, people are most prone to this types of accident in malls, schools, homes, parks, roads etc. The above mentioned causes are responsible for most of the accidents. However, a person's negligence can also lead to such an accident. In such cases, a court case may not be a viable option.
How Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur
There are basically two mechanisms, by which a personal injury takes place. If the person's front leg slips forward, then he falls on his back and gets injured. On the other hand, if the person's back foot slips backward, then the resultant injury is on the front of the body. A trip and fall accident takes place when the foot of a person encounters an unseen obstacle, causing the person to fall.
What to Do After You Slip and Fall
The first step that one needs to take is, to assess the gravity of the injury. If it is of a minor consequence, you can just brush it off and cure it with general medical assistance. If your injury is a result of someone's negligence and if you plan to take a legal step, then you need to consult a slip and fall accident lawyer.
Collect enough evidence to support your case. Take the snapshots of the scene and gather a few witnesses from the accident scene. These evidences will help your slip and fall accident attorney to prepare for your case.
Property Owner's Role in Slip and Fall Mishaps
It is the primary responsibility of the property owner to warn the people of any potential hazard, that can lead to such accidents. If the property owner himself created conditions that can lead to accidents, then naturally the responsibility of such accidents is imputed to the property owner. They might have to face severe legal implications, if the victim decides to go to the court of law. Although, it is very unlikely that the property owner may have to bear the punitive damages, a skilled attorney will aim at recovering the damages, particularly if it has been the case of extreme negligence of the known hazard on the defendant's part.
Since, the slip and fall accidents are a common form of injury, one must be particularly careful while treading on the areas that have a high potential for any type of accident. Also, it is the moral responsibility of the property owners to eliminate potentially hazardous conditions from his property, or at least warn the commuters about it.