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Sore Tooth Remedies

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 30, 2018
A sore tooth pain can be treated by adopting easy home remedies. An effective remedy for tooth soreness is gargling with salt water solution. Read on to know the salt water gargle recipe for sore tooth.
Toothache is defined as any pain or soreness occurring within or around the tooth. A dull ache or a sharp, excruciating pain from the sensitive tooth can lead to severe discomfort and difficulty in eating.
Tooth decay and dental cavity often result in sore tooth. Even a food particle stuck between teeth can cause soreness. People experience toothache due to inflammation and / or infection in the tooth. A tooth which becomes sensitive to cold, heat and pressure may lead to sore gums and may affect the movement of the jaw.

Salt Water Gargle Recipe for Sore Tooth

If infection is the main cause of a sore tooth, the most simple and effective home remedy is to gargle with salt water. The salt draws out water from the pathogens and dehydrates them. So, salt can be effectively used for killing bacteria and other germs. In addition, gargling with saline water helps in easy cleaning of the teeth.
The effectiveness of a salt water gargle for alleviating tooth soreness depends upon correct preparation of the solution. In short, you should know the quantity of salt and baking soda to be added in a specific amount of water. After all, the salt is used as a desiccating agent for killing the pathogens.

Concentrations of saline water

Isotonic Saline

  • Take 500 ml of pure water (filtered or distilled) in a glass.
  • The temperature of the water should not be too low.
  • To this, add one teaspoon each of table salt and baking soda.
  • Stir the mixture well and gargle.
  • For getting relief from sore tooth, gargle with isotonic saline for three times daily, or as directed by your dentist.

Hypertonic Saline

  • Hypertonic is more concentrated than the isotonic solution. It is usually recommended for severe toothache.
  • To prepare this saline, add two teaspoons of table salt and one teaspoon of baking soda in 500ml of water and stir it thoroughly.
  • For severe toothache, gargle with this saline solution three times daily or as prescribed by dentist.
In order to ensure good dental health, it is always advisable to gargle with salt water after every meal and before going to bed. This will surely benefit in keeping tooth infections at bay.

Effective Home Remedies

Besides salt water gargling, there are many home remedies that can be tried in case of a toothache. Some of the self-care tips that you can adopt at home are given here.
  • Rubbing the affected area with an ice cube for 3 - 4 minutes will numb the area and alleviate toothache instantly.
  • Use of garlic as a sore tooth home remedy is known to us since a long time. You can place a garlic clove with rock salt on the affected area.
  • Putting 2 - 3 drops of vanilla extract will give immediate relief from toothache.
  • In case of infection, grind wheat grass and gargle with the extract. This will kill the bacteria and cure the toothache.
  • Using cloves is an age-old remedy for sore tooth. Just place a few cloves over the affected tooth and chew lightly.
  • Similarly, applying clove oil will help in curing a sore tooth. One can add a pinch of pepper powder for better results.
  • Grind asafoetida in lemon juice; then heat the mixture till it becomes lukewarm and apply on the affected tooth with the help of a cotton swab. This will help soothe the toothache.
  • At times, a sore tooth is caused due to poor oral hygiene and consumption of sugar rich food items. Speaking about dental care, proper cleaning of teeth is always recommended.
One should brush the teeth in a circular motion and then slightly brush the gums for enhancing blood circulation. Also, don't forget to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner.
If the toothache does not subside with the aforementioned home remedies, use painkillers or apply pain relieving lotions on the area around the sore tooth.
In case of severe toothache, it is always advisable to consult and seek advice from a qualified dentist for correct diagnosis. Severe pain requires immediate medical attention, as delay may worsen the toothache and the condition may become more complicated.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.