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Steam Shower Benefits

Steam Shower Benefits

If you are planning to get a steam shower installed in your house, the following article, which lists the benefits as well as certain risks involved with a steam shower, will help you make up your mind. Read ahead to know more...
Aastha Dogra
Taking a steam shower is an ultra-relaxing experience. When the hot water of the steam shower falls on your body, it feels as if the pain and tiredness in the body is simply melting away! The kind of relaxation and rejuvenation that a steam shower provides, has to be experienced to be believed! Although, these are not the only advantages of a steam shower. It has many health benefits too.

Benefits of Steam Showers

Stress Buster
All of us today lead very stressful lives, trying to balance our personal and professional commitments. This is where one of the main benefits lies. The heat in the steam shower relaxes the muscles of the body. Due to this, a person feels rejuvenated and fresh after taking a steam shower, and is relieved of all his accumulated stress. Also, taking a steam shower just before sleeping is known to induce better sleep in a person. And if a person is able to sleep calmly in the night, it automatically makes him feel relaxed.

Makes the Skin Glow
The heat in the steam shower units removes the dirt and oil lodged in the skin pores. A person tends to sweat a lot while in the steam shower, resulting in the removal of wastes and toxins from the body, through the sweat. Steam showers are known to improve blood circulation as well. Because of all these reasons, the skin texture of the person improves considerably, and he tends to glow.

Improves Immunity
After taking a steam shower, when the toxins are released, the body increases the production of antibodies. Due to this, the immunity of the body improves, and it is more prepared to fight any kind of infections or diseases.

Cures Respiratory Problems
Steam showers are very advantageous for those suffering from respiratory problems. The steam helps in clearing off mucus from the breathing passages, thus making respiration easy. Whether it is asthma or common cold or sinusitis, a session in the steam shower is known to provide relief in all such respiratory problems.

Relieves Pain
People who are suffering from any kind of pain or injury, resulting from participating in strenuous physical activities, will find steam showers very therapeutic. The heat in the steam shower dilates the blood vessels. This in turn increases the blood circulation in the body. This means that the broken and injured tissues and muscles now have access to more oxygen. This speeds up the healing process and reduces the pain in the body as well. These days, prefab steam shower units are available too, which have water nozzles located at various points. When the water from these nozzles gushes out and hits the body at various locations, it provides relief from muscle and joint stiffness.

Aids in Weight Loss
Steam showers are known to keep the body's metabolism high. This increases the body's ability to burn more calories, thus resulting in weight loss. Usually, athletes indulge themselves in steam showers to keep their bodies lean and fit.

Steam Shower Risk Factors

Although steam showers have many advantages, yet, in certain conditions, they can pose a serious threat to a person. For instance, if a person has a medical condition such as hypertension, remaining in the heat produced by steam showers for long may aggravate his condition. Pregnant women, people with diabetes, and small children, are recommended not to use steam showers without consulting a doctor. Drinking a glass of water before and after taking a steam shower is mandatory, to ensure that there is no extra dryness and heat caused in the body due to it.

As you can see, steam showers have many advantages and very low risks. So, if you are planning to get one installed in your house, it's not a bad idea at all! To put it in short, steam showers can add value to your home, make your bathroom look upmarket and sophisticated, and are extremely good for your physical and mental health. This makes them a winner all the way and a must have feature in your house!