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Know Your Inner Demons: Stress and Its Manifestations

Stress and its Manifestations
Do you know how a stress-dominated person behaves? Do you know the risk of a life under continuous pressure? It's essential to become aware of our own problems and to determine which of them are caused by stress. Whether it is an unknown enemy or not, stress can be defeated by knowing what to do and when to apply the "cure".
Claudia Miclaus
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
tension and stress
People have always had the intuition that anxiety, tiring working hours, the uncertainty of the future, conflicts with the dear ones can cause somatic and psychic diseases. We feel the permanent pressure of life's difficulties, we feel many external constraints, and we often sense frustration and emotional tensions that may only result in the destruction of our mental and biological balance.
Certain people may try to resist attacks, to reconcile their own desires within the equation of social efficiency, and they tend to get overcharged. This thing may not always be justified, and unfortunately it often happens for such people to wrongly identify the true stressing agents, both internal and external. Thus, tensions in the space of professional field which may not find their way of manifestation at the workplace are often abusively expressed in a more familiar environment, such as towards people who are considered to be the close ones: spouse, friends, children, or any other family members.
Psychologists have drawn the portrait of the stress-dominated person. They have also drawn the attention upon the fact that life under continuous pressure can be quite a risk, as it may lead to serious problems.
aggressive man
Stress-dominated people show signs of aggression.
Stress dominated people show signs of excessive sleep or insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, appetite for conflicts or passivity, indifference, losing the capacity to concentrate, to retain information, and losing personal efficiency.
physiological deficiencies
Individuals under stress loose contact with reality.
Stress dominated individuals show certain physiological deficiencies, that may or not be the signs of certain chronic diseases such as palpitations, heavy breathing, suffocating sensations, losing contact with reality, or plunging into an imaginary world in order to run away from the troubles in one's life.
alcoholic person
Individuals experiencing stress gets addicted to alcohol.
Stress dominated people show signs that include the denial of responsibilities, which may seem too many or too suffocating. Such a stress-dominated person is the perfect candidate for the impossibility of establishing normal friendships, partnerships, and so on. Such people are also likely to perpetuate their family conflict states of mind, they may be prone to professional failure or they may fall prey to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling and other addictions.
Psychologists remind us of the tenderness with which our mothers used to chase away our fears and anxieties. Love is the most direct means of easing a weary mind. Unfortunately, as we reach maturity, we tend to forget this important fact. Laughing, crying, and aggressiveness are all means of releasing tensions, and the obtained effect is regaining our mental balance.
excessive sleep
Excessive sleep is one of the means adopted by people in order to face the difficulties and tragic events in their own lives. This is a kind of emotional withdrawal, an attempt to escape reality and enter into the world of dreams.
prayer is a stress-relief method
Praying helps relieving stress
Stress-relief methods include praying or talking about your dominant emotional state. These verified recipes can help us liberate from the emotional tensions generated by family or professional conflicts. This verbalization may lead to phrasing new points of view or even to the disappearance of minor tensions.
The attempt to find strictly logical explanations to the problems that trouble us is another frequently used means of getting rid of stress. This may bring about satisfaction, out of the courage to have debated such issues. In this case, you must avoid certain dangers. For instance, you must try not to analyze and over analyze your situation, waiting for solutions, and thus to prepare the field for obsessive thinking; another danger is to give an explanation that may seem satisfactory for the moment, and thus losing even the sense of guilt or responsibility but in the end not being able to satisfy the reality.
energetic stress relief method
Some people have active stress relief methods such as games, physical work, sports, all of them being mechanisms of releasing excessive energy. The guarantee concerning the success of these mechanisms is relative.
The sensation of discomfort, the effort of mental concentration and personal control, ending up in the individual's withdrawal and personal relationships' disturbances are but a few indicators of the individual's incapacity to fight and face stress on his very own. In worst cases of stress, an efficient means that may help our contemporary man might be represented by psychotherapy, which is the science of the soul, capable of helping people discover their inner resources for winning most of their battles.