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Stress Management Activities to Calm Your Mind and Body

Aastha Dogra Apr 17, 2019
Stress is a condition that arises due to tension and other related factors. As it gives rise to several mental as well as physical problems, indulging in stress management activities on a regular basis, helps a person to maintain his physical and mental well-being.
Many stressful situations arise in our everyday life and in such situations it becomes hard to remain calm. Work, family, personal concerns, finances, etc. are considered the major causes of stress.
Excessive stress can cause numerous physical and mental symptoms, like, irritability, palpitation, sleeplessness, etc. It can interfere your daily life and impact the physical and emotional health resulting in severe heart problems. Let us have a look at some of the activities for overcoming stress.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be done at any time or place. A stressed person observe irregular, shallow breathing and palpitations. So one must concentrate on their breathing pattern and try to take deep and regular breaths.
Deep breathing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. When a person takes deep breaths, an excess amount of oxygen enters the body. This inflow of oxygen helps in relaxing the muscles of the body, calming the mind and waking up the brain, thereby relieving the person.

Healthy Diet

A well-balanced, healthy diet is crucial for managing stress. It involves all the essential nutrients in adequate amount. A healthy, and nutritious breakfast is a good way to start your day and keep energy levels up throughout the day.
Eating five small meals instead of three large ones, help in keeping a person energized too. Avoiding caffeine, which causes mood swings in a person. To get rid of stress, eliminate tea, coffee, chocolates, and soft drinks from your diet.

Pursue a Hobby

Indulging in any creative activities that you enjoy doing during your leisure time can positively affect your psychological and physical health. A hobby will give you happiness and peace of mind as it is an activity that you love doing.
Pursuing a hobby of your choice, be it painting, dancing, gardening or cooking, will keep you relaxed and help you unwind at the end of the day. When a person finds time to do something that he likes, it contributes immensely to stress relief.


Forming and maintaining relationships and having a strong support system, helps a person in preventing and dealing with stress.
It is very important that a person stays in touch with and socializes once in a while with his friends and family as all these bonding activities help in relieving stress. Sharing your feelings with your near and dear ones is as effective as talking about them to a therapist.

Time management

The most important of all stress management activities is to manage one's time well. To do this, planning ahead is very essential.
Doing the most important tasks first, followed by the lesser important ones, will help too. By being consistent with one's work and not procrastinating, will help in better time management.

Play Games

In a workplace, games work very well as stress management group activity. Most organizations rely on preparing stress management lesson plans, and then lecturing their staff on it. However, these oral lectures can never be as effective as games.
A simple game that can be played for stress relief is when the leader presents the group with an ethical dilemma. It can be something related to office ethics.

De-stress and be Happy

Your emotional health can impact your physical well-being, so maintain a positive outlook in life. Stop worrying about future, enjoy life, and be happy. 
Laughter is a powerful stress-relief medicine, so watch a funny movie, read a humorous book or some funny quotes, to relax yourself. Music is a great stress buster. Whenever you feel stressed out, listen to any genre of music, this soothes and relaxes your mind. Spend time with your family and friends, it helps to deal with trying situations.