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Stress Management Skills Everyone Needs to Develop

Stress Management Skills
Stress management skills are the new life skills - a necessity to survive in today's competitive era. Learning to deal with stress can make you a more positive and productive person.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness ~ Richard Carlson
Despite knowing the ill-effects of mental and physical stress, we often succumb to it under many circumstances. The causes behind stress are numerous, but wise are those who can manage stress skillfully. Stress management skills are those subtle qualities that an individual must possess to get himself out of a stressful situation.
A life full of stress, burden, anxiety, and misery has a very little or no space for happiness. Your health is affected when stress becomes perennial, and you are unable to come out of it by any means. However, if you know the tactics of handling stress, then you can probably keep yourself away from it.
Be with Yourself
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Self motivation is itself a stress buster. When you are in a state of utter dismay, anguish, and mental pain, then think of activities that would evaporate these emotions from within you. Give yourself enough time to nurture your talents. Do things that amuse you the most. Love yourself and practice the God-gifted talents in you. Spending time with self, accompanied by refined thoughts and good deeds is the best stress buster.
Things you can do to bust stress -

~ Sing, dance, and be merry.
~ Pray to God solemnly.
~ Meditate whenever you get time.
~ Visit spas and parlors to rejuvenate yourself.
~ Play music and listen to music.
~ Sleep merrily without thinking.
~ Read comics, philosophies, and motivational books.
~ Watch comedies and sitcoms.
Take it Easy
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Our attitude towards our life is mainly responsible for all the woes and sorrows. If we start giving importance to the grave concerns more than the light matters, then stress will naturally take its own course. The more you accept challenges with a brave heart, the easier life becomes for you. Instead of pondering too much on a problem, you can start finding out a fruitful solution to it.
Here are some wonderful ways to keep stress at bay -

~ Have a positive approach towards everything.
~ Build self-confidence and optimism.
~ Stay calm and cool.
~ Don't keep worrying or having negative thoughts.
~ Take help from an experienced person to get out of a critical situation.
Act Rationally
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You must analyze the situation before taking any responsibility on your shoulders. This formula is applicable in both personal and professional life. Being bogged down by workload is one of the main reasons behind stress. Although, at times, it becomes difficult to avoid work stress, you can follow some of these tips for doing so -

~ Work only if the subject interests you.
~ Try to manage your work within the stipulated work hours.
~ Do not allow yourself to get exploited at office.
A similar situation is often experienced at home. Taking responsibility becomes a bitter task when you have many dependents at home. Think before committing anything to your loved ones. Failing to fulfill their expectations can make you feel guilty, which could further make you worried. Things you can do to avoid stress at home are -

~ Share responsibilities with other members of your family.
~ Let others know your limits and your prerogatives.
~ Do not let others pressurize you to fulfill their absurd demands.
Be with Loved Ones
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The old saying, sharing grief divides it, while sharing joy multiplies it, works truly like magic. Instead of suppressing your worries, grief and stress within you, share it with your loved ones. Spend time with friends, family and kids and make the best of those moments. Give time to your spouse and go out in the weekends. Seek advice from others whenever needed.
~ Go out for movies with friends and family.
~ Cook and eat luxuriously.
~ Play with your kids indoors and outdoors.
~ Plan weekend getaways and mini vacations.
~ Be romantic with your partner, indulge into regular sex.
When you know to laugh out the blues within you, stress will automatically bid adieu. If you keep nurturing it, then it will soon take the form of a mental illness. It's your life and your attitude towards it, that will make it mirthful or stressful. Now that you know the stress management skills, I hope you will execute them whenever the necessity arises.