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Stress Relief Games for Adults: Simple But Thoroughly Enjoyable

Stress Relief Games for Adults
Stress can take a toll on everyone. It's time you look for ways to reduce it before it affects your health. The most important aspect is leading life in an amicable aura with your family. Make it a point to dedicate some time to physical activities and meditation to alleviate the stress level.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
After a hectic day, you are finally back to home - the place that gives you the ultimate solace. The moment you lie down on your bed, the very thoughts of pending work, client meetings, and other responsibilities at workplace storm your mind. All these apprehensions take away your peace of mind. Gradually, stress follows, which eventually becomes your shadow. But, have you ever tried to find out why you are not able to lead a life free from tension? Or how often you have engaged yourself in games that act as stress-relievers? Entertainment plays a vital role to rejuvenate your routine.
▶ Play Single!
playing video game
Video Games : After returning from office, just grab your joystick and start playing. You can enjoy the same with your kids as well. Check out the most popular Xbox 360 games, PS3 or multimedia games. You can either procure the DVDs or get similar games downloaded from Internet.
Punch 'Em : This is one of the funniest games one can play while sitting idle at home. The perfect idea to get instant energy! So what's the punch? Make cartoons of the characters you hate the most or contributing the highest stress level. Who are they? Your boss or your mother-in-law (dude, no personal offense, just pure humor)! Women are mostly jealous of their husband's female colleagues. This time who's gonna be punched hard? Decide and then play.
squeeze rubber ball
Squeeze a squeeze ball or toy
Squeeze Toys: These toys are available over the counter as toys that calm you down. They are popularly known as 'use and throw' toys. Stretch the toys ludicrously until the deformity brings a smile to your face. Silly Putty squeeze toys are just fun to play with. The more you stretch, the funnier it becomes.
▶ Play in Groups!
say the name game
Say the Name : This is strictly a fun activity for adults. Form a group and begin with a name. For example: the first name is Angelina Jolie so the second person will speak out a name starting with 'J', like Jennifer Lopez and so on. This way the stock of names with exhaust. Think what will you do when you pause. Just go on drinking until you find the new name and the fun starts at that time... All intoxicated! It's strictly an adult game and should be played sparingly.
the game penny and the platter
Hide the chewing gums in the dollop of ice-cream and ask the participant to find and blow the gum.
The Penny and the Platter : Take a plate and fill it with dollops of cream. Bury chewing gum and chocolates in it. Make the same set up for the competitor. Now, bury your face and look for the gum. The person who blows the highest number of chewing gums is the winner. The best part is, the face gets completely soaked in cream. Play and have fun.
playing chess in games
The Indoor Games : Just invite a few friends and set up the games. It can be scrabble, chess, carom, puzzles, sudoku, etc. Playing pictionary is an amazingly interesting option. If you have an indoor stadium, play table tennis or billiards to refresh yourself. Jamming with your friends is also perfect for rejuvenation.