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The End of Guilt Meditation Technique: Learn to Forgive Yourself

The End of Guilt Meditation Technique
The End of Guilt meditation technique helps people overcome negative feelings about themselves. It is an important technique that can help you think positively and instill a sense of confidence in you.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
The history of the End of Guilt meditation is a colorful one. As the story goes, once upon a time there was a spiritual seeker named Jiva. By trying many different ways to become pure, holy, and attain enlightenment, he had gained much self-control. No longer was he reactive to the actions of people, places, and things he came in contact with, and he did not squander energy with unnecessary physical or mental tension. Selflessness and humility had replaced greed and egoism, and as a result, he spared himself any of the suffering that is the automatic result of that behavior. Despite these positive changes in his outlook, Jiva still felt uneasy. Despite being able to experience bliss while meditating, he recognized that there was so much a sense of desperation deep inside that, even feelings of ecstasy and glorious visions couldn't dissipate.

Jiva went to see Moksha ― his teacher ― who welcomed him warmly. He told his teacher about his frustration and anxiety, and how these feelings made him feel that he was a spiritual failure. Moksha at once knew the cause of his student's problem and the solution to it. "You have understood which actions are beneficial and which are not", Moksha told him". And on a conscious level, you no longer do things that diminish your serenity and well-being. Your problem is a very common one but it is on a subconscious level. You are suffering from feelings of guilt and unworthiness."

Moksha told Jiva that his feelings were coming from an image of who he was, based on his past. Long ago he had been told to act in certain ways, and to believe in certain things, but he no longer held those beliefs. For instance, he had been told at a young age that if he didn't sit exactly the way he was taught, he was being 'a bad boy'. Similarly, he was raised to believe in Santa Claus and was led to believe that this and other fairy tales were the basis of whether he would find life enjoyable. He was even taught that many of his actions were 'sins' and would doom him to hell for eternity.

"There were also times in your life that your actions caused pain or suffering to others and are proper to regret and never repeat", Moksha explained. "You have kept these things within you and have never dealt with them. Much like someone who has a tooth that looks white and healthy on the outside but has an abscess within. You have a need for spiritual dentistry to cleanse the disease process within you." Moksha then taught him the End of Guilt meditation technique. Jiva sat in meditation and soon purged himself of all subconscious feelings of guilt. He then realized the purity, wisdom, and bliss of his infinite, eternal Real Self, and lived happily ever after.
Procedure of End of Guilt Meditation Technique
Sit in the position of comfort.
Relax your mind, body, and emotions. Breathe effortlessly, and refocus your attention on your breath if you get distracted. In your mind's eye, visualize your Deity. If it is one that has no human form, see the holy, infinite, all-powerful pure energy that represents the divine. If your Deity has a form, see it in as great detail as possible. For example, if your Deity is in a human male form, see its body, face, hair, eyes, hands, clothing, and everything else, as clearly as you can.
See yourself in front of and facing your Deity in a sitting, standing, or lying position.
Visualize yourself covered with many layers of ultra fine energy. Each of these layers was created by the process of labeling your actions as sins. In reality, nothing you've ever done has been either 'good' or 'bad'. They have just been things that occurred in your life. See them as opportunities to appreciate your universal identity and oneness with the divine. Misinformation and inappropriate conditioning has caused you to have the illusion that you have sinned by your physical, mental, or emotional actions, and as a result, you have acquired layers of negative energy that are now damaging your pure real self.
Realize that with every breath you receive, your Deity sends you forgiveness and blessings.
Know that every interaction you have had with anyone that you might have thought caused them to suffer, had actually had the potential to help them become a stronger person and evolve in consciousness.
Visualize your Deity removing your guilt and converting your so-called sins into love.
Imagine that your guilt coatings are melting off and the forgiveness and blessings of the Divine are cleansing and healing the wounds and pain they caused. As they peel off, you may remember specific things that you have been carrying within your subconscious mind. Witness the events and suffering they represent fade away and dissolve forever.
As the final layers of emotion are peeled away, you realize that there is nothing left within and thus no separation from the Deity who is all powerful, present infinitely and eternally, all knowing and all love. Just like a butterfly that has escaped its cocoon, with no more guilt to bind you tightly, you are free to fly through the air and float among the clouds and live happily ever after.