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All You Need to Know About Soham Meditation, the Greatest Mantra

The Greatest Mantra:  Soham Meditation
In beginning of time, before there was any language, even primitive man had a basic mantra to focus on, that is "Soham". By practicing soham meditation all earthly effort and struggle will be replaced with God's grace and inner peace.
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Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Everyone knows the opening verses of the Bible, telling us that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. But, science tells us that in the beginning there actually were no words, and people and animals didn't even exist yet. So, if the Word existed in the beginning, even before mankind existed, then what was It? This mystery has been a source of scholarly and religious debate for centuries, but the answer has always been close at hand. The answer is Soham.
Soham is a type of meditation that is known as the "Mahamantra" or the Greatest Mantra. It is considered to be one of the most powerful techniques ever used, alongside "Ohm". It was the first method for meditation in the history of man. Ancient cavemen, before inventing fire or language, would sit in dark caves with nothing to focus on, except the sound of their own breathing and their heartbeats.
soham meditation
The first sound that children hear, even when they are in their mother's womb, is the sound of her breathing. This sound lives with every person, since drawing their first breath. Breathing completely negates the need for anyone to rely on words, languages, or chants of any kind, in order to have a mantra to focus on. This is the essence of Soham.
It transcends worldly limitations or requirements, because it is always there. Soham mantra is a great gift, because it exists in reality, in the present, and it can be done even while working, while driving, and while doing any daily activities. Thereby, it offers an ongoing and continuous experience for meditation while still being in the present; in the here and now.
the meaning of soham
In the Bible, in the verse telling where God was asked what His name is, God's response was, "I am that I am." The most ancient language, Sanskrit, gives the name "So" to the sound of inhaling breath, and the term assigned to exhaling is "Ham". Both these terms together form "Soham", which is translated as: "I am He". Engaging in soham meditation you are actually calling God.
process of soham meditation
Soham Meditation Technique
The technique begins in the same way, by which most of the meditation methods begin.

▶ Go to the place where you are the most comfortable, and arrange your body in the position that you have determined to be the most successful for meditation.

▶ Close your eyes, and also close your ears either by using earplugs, or putting your fingers in your ears. Shutting off your outside hearing ability will intensify the sound of your breathing, as well as reducing the distractions of outside noises. Focus on making your mind silent, keeping your emotions still, and keeping your body relaxed.

▶ Simply focus on the sound of every inhalation, and associate it in your mind with the word "So." Listen to your exhalations, and associate each one with the word "Ham." Listen to the word "Soham" as you breathe in and out (one complete respiration), and continue this meditation for 12 respiration cycles.

▶ For beginners, it may be useful to say the word "So" silently with every inhalation, and say "Ham" silently with every exhalation. After you have become totally focused, you will slip into simply saying "Soham" with every breath that is inhaled and exhaled.

▶ No matter how you have lived your life or reacted to outward situations, with each cleansing breath, you are forgiven for your sins, and given the reward of still another breath, another beat of your heart, and another moment of your life to cherish.

▶ The gift of life is given from a power that is greater than ourselves, and our breath comes from that power, not from our own actions. Every living creature has a healing energy that fills every cell with each breath, and the Soham meditation method gives you the power to pay attention to this healing power that fills your body.
Soham is available to all living creatures without demanding any effort at all, yet it is the most deeply spiritual meditation that is possible, because it gives you the chance to meditate on the great mystery of life, and the nature of the giver of life.

As you become more and more adept at merging yourself with Soham, you will be able to surrender your reactions to thoughts, emotions, impressions from the outside world, and all earthbound limitations that only cause suffering. The energy of that one gets from this technique consists of a divine and limitless love, and light from the Heaven.