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The Health Secrets of Walking Barefoot

The Health Secrets of Walking Barefoot

There are several advantages of walking barefoot. In this article we have revealed a few such secrets of walking barefoot which are beneficial for your health. Read on to know more...
WellnessKeen Staff
Today, it is very difficult to imagine a life without shoes, slippers and sandals. Even though in early days of human history, people did not use any footwear. With onset of civilization, things changed. Wearing footwear first became important from functional point of view as it can protect the feet from cuts, bruises, heat, cold, etc. It also prevents exposure of the feet to harmful creatures lying around us, be it plants, animals or parasites. Now, it is compulsory to wear shoes when outdoors as barefoot gives a negative impression. It is being considered as a sign of poverty.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot

The biggest disadvantage of wearing footwear is that it restricts the natural mobility of the feet and reduces its flexibility. This gives rise to a number of foot problems and other health conditions. Barefoot walking can control common foot problems to a great extent. Besides, it has a number of other health benefits as well.

Strengthens Muscles
Barefoot walking enhances strength of the group muscles in lower part of the body particularly that of the feet, legs and hips. The small muscles located in these areas are not stretched properly when you are wearing shoes. Walking barefoot releases the tension from these muscles caused by the footwear and make them more strong and agile. This not just improves the coordination between the different set of muscles but also prevent injuries in them during movements like walking or running.

Relieves Joint Problems
Barefoot walking is good for various body joints. When you wear shoes that are high-heeled or thick soled, then the natural alignment of the joints badly get affected. Barefoot walking ensures proper alignment of the knee joint, hip joint and lower back. It gives you a comfortable posture and you get relief from joint problems.

Improves Posture
It has a positive effect on the overall posture of the body. Regular wearing of shoes often leads to poorly developed foot muscles. This has an adverse impact on the entire posture and can cause back problems too. Barefoot walking tone up these muscles and make them flexible. Thus they can adjust well and physical structure can be maintained. If you are nursing a back injury, then barefoot walking will help you in faster recovery from such injuries.

Cures Varicose Veins
Barefoot walking is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from varicose veins. In this condition, veins in the legs and feet of the patient fail to return blood back to the heart. Walking barefoot helps in free movement of the feet and toes which is not possible within the confinement of the shoes. As a result, blood circulation in legs improve. This in turn facilitates veins and muscles of the legs to move blood to the heart more efficiently.

Prevents Ingrown Toenails
Those who tend to suffer from ingrown toenails quite frequently should go for barefoot walking more often. This will minimize the chances of recurrence of ingrown toenails. This is because when we wear shoes, certain amount of pressure is exerted on the toes due to which the toenails fail to grow normally. Thus the problems like ingrown toenail arises. Ideally, it is recommended that one should stay barefoot for at least 10 hours in a day. If it is not possible for you, try and make sure that you opt for barefoot walking at least when you are at home.

Prevents Fungal Growth
During summers, when you spend long hours wearing shoes, then the dark humid condition that prevails inside the shoes promote growth of fungus which then attacks the feet and toenails. This kind of fungal infection on feet and toenail can be prevented if you practice barefoot walking and give the scope to the feet to breathe normally.

Reduces the Risk of Foot Deformities in Children
Barefoot walking is not just good for adults but even children can yield its benefits in the long run. If babies and small children are allowed to walk barefoot on a regular basis, then it ensures proper straightening of their toes. Thus the chances of developing foot deformities such as flat feet in future becomes quite less. Moreover, it helps them to develop stronger feet arches and improves their feet agility.

Now, we can conclude that the comfort that you get in barefoot walking cannot be obtained by wearing any pair of shoes or any other footwear no matter how well fitted they are. Just step out into the grass in your garden in a summer morning and walk for half an hour or so. This will cool down your feet and it feels great! This way you can also establish a connection with mother nature which is quite relaxing.