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24 Ordinary Things People Who are Always Cold Will Understand

Things People Who are Always Cold Will Understand
Everyone faces struggles, but you face the biggest one on a daily basis: the problem of being perpetually cold. If you don't know it already, you should know if you are one of those people who are always, forever and ever, cold. Or just frozen solid, yeah.
Roma Dar
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Folds In A Tartan Rug
Have you always been cold? You're scratching your head at the moment trying to remember the last time you felt warm when just sitting. You have no such memory. Being stationary translates to being cold, in your head. You feel like Scooby Doo being chased by a ghoul (with a wintry face and a wintry beard) each time you imagine winter coming. Some day, you know that you will try your utmost to raise more awareness about people feeling cold and uncomfortable at all times, because people just don't take it seriously enough.

Here's to all the people who do nothing but shiver in double layers all year round.
The Fan is Your Enemy
It's always annoying that no one really loves you enough to switch off the fan. It's usually a passive-aggressive display of power between the person who keeps switching it on at work or school, and you.
The Brotherhood
You are a brotherhood of people who are always called 'old'. Your heart goes out to all the young people who are called old just like you.
Limited Clothing Options
No matter which season, ladies, but shorts are not an option for you. You laugh at the idea of people suggesting shorts for you to buy. Not happening, no. Not even tights. But someone gifting you a sweater is welcome, because they know what they need to give you to keep you happy. God bless them.
Exercise is Rare
There's this thing about exercising. You dread it more than normal people do, and not for the same reasons. Sweating after exercising makes you feel ultra-cold. Curse the drafts that wade through your armpits.
You Get to Borrow Clothes (If Your Stars are Aligned)
Women who are always cold are especially lucky because they can legitimately ask guys/boyfriends for jackets, which everyone knows is an unspoken agreement to keep it for a few weeks. Or hope they forget about their jacket and let you keep it. Boys, we'll make sure those of you who feel cold all the time will get jackets too.
Fear by Association
You dread the idea of Russia or Antarctica. Reading Russian novels makes you feel cold.
You Cannot Stand a Cold Bed
Girl feeling cold, wrapped in blankets.
You so obviously have a bed warmer (make that three) at home and exploit it daily. If you could stay in bed all winter, you would. No, really.
Cold Seats, Anyone?
You bless people who leave their seats nice and toasty when you sit on them. (Not applicable for the toilet'd rather suffer through a cold toilet seat).
God Bless Who Invented Socks
Girl in bed with socks, book and hot drink.
You always have socks on in every weather, and are secretly happy your feet take a long time to start smelling like cabbage. There are so many pairs of socks in your house that others freely borrow from you, and besides, you never lose pairs. Only people who do not need socks to keep themselves from dying, lose socks.
You've Tried Everything, Including Exercise to Keep You Warm
Man jogging in cold weather.
You've often tried to start frantically moving and jumping around looking like a crazed baboon on steroids when no one is looking because you want to get warm at the expense of cooling down in two minutes. At which point, your sweat makes you shiver worse than before.
You're a Li'l Bit of a Hypochondriac
You have often looked online regarding your little.....quirk, the result being you thought you have either hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, anorexia, diabetes, anemia, Hashimoto's disease, or renal cell cancer. (sorry if you got the idea to look online from here and are forever paranoid due to this article. Beg pardon).
Your Heart was Broken when you Realized Elsa is an Ice Queen
(Stereotypical Frozen joke alert) You'd probably personally kill Elsa for causing a perpetual winter in Arendale, which is like your worst nightmare.
Warm Weather is Still Not Your Friend
Person shivering in multiple layers.
You shiver at anything, even a warm 81ºF day. Those days you need your customary two layers at any rate.
Africa? You Love it!
You would not mind settling down somewhere in the tropics if someone asked you to. It's always so cold wherever you live that people around you mistake you for the fragile old man from that cute movie, Amelie.
Maybe You're Weird
You cannot stop singing Kate Bush's song about Wuthering Heights ...(?) "I' cohohohold let me in-a your windohohoho".
You're Used to This
People ask you whether you've put on weight each time they meet you. They cannot for the life of them fathom that you have inner wear on in the summer. Your tights peep through all your ripped jeans, and you've completely stopped buying pretty stuff, because no one will see your comfortable, soup-stained tee-shirt under your three warm layers.
Showers are an Adventure
Lazy woman in bed.
You come out of the shower looking sunburnt because anything less than scalding hot water in the summer is freezing. It's just that you've never had a cold bath, except by surprise when you turned the wrong tap and received a headful of ice that ruined your whole day.
People Always have to Wait for You
It takes you so much time to dress and undress because of all those layers that you are taking off, that people get impatient waiting for you. There was this one time your entire family missed a flight...
The Office and You are Always at War
You could never work with full concentration at work because of the air conditioner settings. You look like you're decked for Christmas and a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. Each time someone at the office teases you, you go temporarily deaf.
You Lose Count of Your Jackets
There's such a huge collection of jackets at your place because those are the only things you invest in these days. You really don't like it when you forget your jackets in strange places because you took your jackets (yes, plural) off. Because now you have to buy new ones.
Ice Bar? No, Thank you
Ice bar glass made of ice.
Your house feels like one of those ice bars that people go to for a night out, complete with the ice toilet and icy toilet seat (they're kidding, right? You still have never bothered to find out whether those cold washrooms are where you're expected to go, because you know you're never going to an ice bar anyway).
Fresh Air is Not Even an Option
You dread wind. Or even drafts. Hot or cold doesn't matter. If there's a window around, it's meant to be closed. Windows are only for the views, not fresh air. Each time someone enters your room, they hurry out because it's just always too damn hot.
Ice Cream is Still Your First Love
You still love ice cream and everyone always asks you why you eat it if you're cold. Who doesn't love ice cream? With sprinkles, please.
You Still Love Being Sensitive to Cold
Cute dog in warm blanket.
Despite what anyone says, you like being snug as a pug in a rug wherever you go. You're a cold-blooded human, and that's okay with you.