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15 Seemingly Ordinary Things Only People Who Live Alone Can Relate To

15 Things People Who Live Alone Can Relate To
Living alone is simply bliss. It's your place and your rules only. But wait! There is a price to pay too. The freedom and privacy you get deprives you of those moments when all you need is a shoulder to lean on.
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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
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Benefits of Living Alone
You can do WHATEVER you want
Yes, the best part of living alone - no restrictions! You have complete freedom to use or misuse!
Invite Friends Whenever You Want
Your friends love you coz they can crash at your apartment whenever they want. Plus, you guys can have parties every month, every week, or even everyday!
Your and your better half can have all the PRIVACY in the world
You don't have to worry about your roommate barging in just when things have just heated up with your bae. No need to put a 'do not disturb' sign on your door.
Pants are NOT necessary
You can wear anything or even nothing! When you are living alone, you don't have to worry about covering your modesty. So everyday can be a 'no pants day'.
You make your OWN mess
Nobody is going to reprimand you for making too much mess. Feeling lazy to wash your clothes or dishes? Who cares if stuff is scattered all over your bed. You can just shove it to one side or simply sleep on the sofa!
You get lots of ME Time
With no one to disturb you, you can relax and have as much 'me' time as you want. Whether you want to sit for hours with a cup of coffee or cook an elaborate meal to rejuvenate, you can do anything you want to, in solitude.
Talking to yourself LOUDLY is normal
Talk, sing, or shout! You can chat with yourself loudly, softly, or just scream. Only be careful that you don't disturb the neighbors. You are free to live your life without any rules, or probably your own rules!
No need to CLOSE the door while peeing
The pleasure of peeing with the door open is unparalleled! You can do it everyday when you live alone.
Watch ANYTHING that you want
Forget all those constant fights and arguments about what to watch with your roomy. So whether you feel like watching a stupid cartoon or a sitcom, no one's gonna stop you or judge you.
You can be as WEIRD as you want
We don't need to mention all the weird things you can do. You have the freedom to do anything, literally!!! So let your imagination go crazy, and you go crazy too!
Struggles of People Who Live Alone
You SURVIVE on take-outs
Cooking is time-consuming, and who wants to take efforts and cook for one person! Except on those exceptional days when you have the will and patience to cook, you survive on take-outs, instant noodles, or cereals!
Living alone is EXPENSIVE
Along with the freedom come the bills! Yup, one of the biggest disadvantages of living alone is to pay for everything on your own. You may feel the need to have someone to share the expenses with, unless of course you have too much money and aren't bothered about it.
You have to CLEAN your mess
You can make all the mess you want, but nobody is going to come and clean it up for you. You gotta deal with your own crap! You can slack for a day or a week, but eventually the only person who's going to do all the work is YOU.
It can be LONELY sometimes
Everybody needs a little 'me' time, but man is a social animal, and there's a possibility of loneliness creeping in after some time.
NOBODY to take care of you when you're sick
All of us crave love (and some chicken soup) when we are not well. The biggest drawback of living alone - nobody to take care of you when you're unwell.