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Things to Do When You Retire

Parashar Joshi Sep 30, 2018
We sometimes find ourselves dreaming about our life after retirement since it marks a significant change and a new stage in our lives. While it is a scary thought for many; some people take retirement as an opportunity to do things that they were unable to do while they were working.
Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
An individual nearing his/her retirement age would fall in the below two categories. One who is forever engrossed in endless thoughts about the different things to do in retirement. Or one who has absolutely no plan about post-retirement life whatsoever.

Get involved with Charity

Now that you are free from the hassles of work, you can devote your time to charitable causes. You can volunteer for charities and NGO's. This will keep you busy and to do your bit for the betterment of society. Choose a cause and join an NGO.

Start Teaching

With years of experience to call upon, you can mentor the younger generation. Share your experiences and in return you can gain some knowledge as well. Teaching will not only make good use of your time but also give you a good deal of satisfaction.


Now that you have retired make sure to plan a trip to your dream destination. Or you can pick a random place and just go there! Traveling gives you an opportunity to explore different places, new cultures and see new things. It can be very satisfying and enriching.

Pursue Your Hobbies

We all have our own sets of hobbies. But due to a career, they remain neglected. Doing what you love the most provides joy that is unparalleled. If you like singing or fancy musical instrument, then learn it. Join a book club if you fancy reading.

Write a Book

Everybody has had ups and downs in life. After retiring, you can choose to pen down your memories, thoughts and write an autobiography. You could also write a book on any topic of your interest.

Get Into Sports

There are many sports activities that are conducted for senior and retired citizens. Golf, swimming, and even running are some great options. Remember those famous grandpa and grandma marathons? Well, you can certainly draw some inspiration from that.


If you are a religious person, then this can be the ideal time for a pilgrimage. You can make use of your free time to visit religious places and seek blessings from the Almighty.

Clear Misunderstandings

Clear the slate, by talking to the people who may have had a fight with you, or may have misunderstood you. Call up people you always wanted to confront, but never had the chance. It is always good to know that you don't have any past regrets.


Join social networking sites and reconnect with your friends. This is great way to keep in touch, share photos, and experiences with each other. Blogging is another great medium to express your opinions and share experiences with the rest of the world.

Get a Pet

A pet acts as a stress buster! According to research, playing with a pet can raise levels of the nerve transmitters that have pleasurable properties. It will keep you busy and provide you with unconditional love. You can take it along on trips.

Buy a Beach-side Villa

If sun, sand and surf is what excites you the go ahead and buy a beach-side villa. These are your golden years so why not make the most of them? If you are a nature lover, you can opt for a nice country-side farmhouse, or a cozy cottage up in the mountains.

Become a Freelancer

If you still have the urge to work, there is always the option of becoming a freelancer. You could try freelancing in Internet jobs, or even start a home-based business.

Get a New Vehicle

If you are crazy about bikes but never had a chance to buy one, this would be a best time. Buy a bike and join a club. You could also buy a new car, or even a motor home to travel cross-country.
Always keep a notepad and pen down the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of time constraints. Always remember to stay fit and healthy through regular exercise. And, just relax and take it easy. Retirement is meant to be enjoyed, so make sure that you make list of 'things to do in retirement' as positive and exciting as possible.