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Tips to Grow Taller Naturally

All of us wish for an impressive height. Here are some tips to grow taller naturally, even after puberty.
Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 28, 2019
Few professions like army, modeling, air hostessing demand a height that is more than 5 feet 5 inches. Many of us who want these career options fail to enter these fields due to a short height. This can be very disappointing. A good height is also responsible for many other factors like self-esteem, confidence, etc.
Now, many people think that after puberty, we stop growing taller. However this is not true, we can grow a few inches more, even after puberty/adulthood up to an age of 30 years. Before going over the tips on growing taller naturally, let us first know about the human growth hormone.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The hormone that governs our height is Human Growth Hormone, also called HGH. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in our body. The pituitary gland slows down the production of this hormone, when we are at middle age.
HGH plays a number of roles in the body. It turns the fat in our body into energy that we require for daily activities with the help of HGH. When it comes to height, HGH stimulates the bones to grow strong and gain height. It also helps growth of body muscles and organs. HGH is released in our body through the blood stream.
After an age of 24 years, HGH is produced in very less amount and there are very few chances that one can increase its production after 24 years. Our bones get fused after this age and hence, it is difficult to increase height after this age.
However, if you are still at an age where you can increase the HGH level, you can increase your height by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. Three tips that can help to increase HGH level are proper sleep method, stretching exercises, and diet. Let us discuss them one by one.

Helpful Tips

Many people opt for height growth pills, which is not the correct method of increasing the height. As discussed earlier, diet, exercise, and proper sleeping pattern can help you grow tall. Let us see how.

Proper Exercise

The body components that contribute our height are leg bones and our spinal bones. After the age of 24 years for males and 18 years for females, bone plates in the legs fuse together making it almost impossible to grow tall. But if your age is less than this, you can increase height by doing the exercises that will stretch the bones in your legs and spine.
Doing stretching exercises is considered to be the most effective method to increase height.
There are a number of yoga exercises that help stretch our body. These exercises help to loosen, and add flexibility to our body joints, and create that extra space to grow more.
Some stretching exercises are
► Leg Stretch
► Cobra
► Super Cobra
► Bridge
► Cat Stretch
► Bowl
► Acrobat
Spine exercises are easy to perform and aim at stretching the spine. These exercises do nothing but decompress your spine to increase the thickness of the cartilage in the spine.
Some of the best spine exercises are swimming and hanging. They not only help to grow taller, but also give other health benefits like improving metabolism, digestion, and blood circulation. Exercises to increase one's height are plenty, but one should always consult a physical trainer before doing them.

Healthy Diet

It has been proved that diet also plays an important role in increasing height. A balanced diet is necessary for the proper growth of our body. Metabolism is also a factor that governs the body growth. When the rate of metabolism is high, more hormones are secreted, which helps in the growth of our body.
Fresh vegetables and fruits must be included in your diet. Do not eat sugary and fatty foods. Alcohol should also be consumed in very less amounts. Consuming excessive carbohydrates leads to hyperglycemia which curbs secretion of growth hormone.
Include proper amounts of minerals and vitamins in your meals. Calcium is an important mineral that helps bones to grow stronger. Hence, a proper amount of calcium should be included in your diet. Vitamin D, an important vitamin that plays a number of functions in growth and maintenance of body bones, and also in metabolism should be included in your diet.
Moreover it also helps the body to absorb calcium. If these nutrients are consumed in a supplement form, it is recommended that you consult a dietitian. Besides these, you should also include fibrous foods in your diet.

Get Good Sleep

Maximum growth of our body takes place when we sleep and hence, adequate sleep is necessary. HGH is released in the blood stream one hour after we fall asleep. Due to inadequate sleep, the HGH amount is reduced, and causes health problems. One should sleep for 8 - 9 hours, every night. The sleeping position is also a necessary factor to be considered.
Use a comfortable firm mattress to keep your spine straight, while sleeping. Soft mattress curves the spine, and should not be used. Try to sleep as much as possible in a straight position. Do not use a pillow while sleeping, but if you want to use it, use a very thin one.
Another tip to grow taller is to sleep on your back. Adapting to these sleeping habits can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but with practice, you will find it easy to follow.
Growing tall is not an easy task and the results will reflect after a long period of time. One needs to be patient, and follow the procedures properly. So, if you are facing a height problem, then use the tips given here to grow taller naturally.