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Quick Tips and Tricks to Help You Become Ambidextrous

Tips to Help You Become Ambidextrous
Trying to become ambidextrous just for fun, or want to gain from it? Whatever may be your reason, WellnessKeen will give you some tips to help you become two-handed. Remember, practice is the keyword!
Meghna Wani
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Quick Fact
Many famous sportspersons like Jonathan Edwards, David Lee, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, and Katelyn Johnson are ambidextrous.
Ambrose Bierce defines being ambidextrous in an amusing way, as being able to pick with equal skill a right-hand pocket or a left. But there are many other advantages of being ambidextrous.
To start with, let's say you injure your arm or are operated on your dominant arm. Will you wait till it heals and remain incapacitated? Well, if you are not two-handed per se, you may have no other option.

Being two-handed not only helps in activities like sports, but also helps develop muscle coordination. It is useful and also fun to confuse an opponent by using your non-dominant hand, while he would be anticipating your dominant hand to strike.

But many will say that we are not born ambidextrous. Well, people are not born with the skill to eat, cook, write with their dominant hand, or play the guitar. We all have to learn them, right? We also have to learn to use our dominant hand. Similarly, if you wish to be two-handed, you will have to learn to use your non-dominant hand too.
Given below are some tips to help you become ambidextrous, Now, I will mention the non-dominant hand as the left hand, since the majority of the world, including me, is right-handed.
Patience and Practice are the Keywords
Since you are learning a new skill, you will have to exhibit an exorbitant amount of patience. Again, remember, you didn't start playing the guitar so well within a day. You are going to hard-wire and train your brain to learn something novel, don't give in if you encounter setbacks initially. Keep practicing.
Start Writing!
Writing On Notebook
Writing is the best way to become ambidextrous. First step, hold that pencil in your left hand and feel confident. Don't hold it very tightly. Start by drawing circles. Once you get a hang of it, start with alphabets. You will realize that the writing by your left hand is far worse than your kid's kindergarten handwriting. But don't let that disappoint you.

If you feel that you are losing focus, just keep some interesting text in front of you and copy. It's the easiest thing to do. Don't try to write from memory. You should not feel as if you are wasting time. Just keep at it fervently.
One more thing to remember while writing, if you are 'right-handed' and trying to write with your left hand, place the page at a 30-degree angle in the clockwise direction. If you are a 'leftie' and trying to write with your right hand, then place the page at a 30-degree angle in the anti-clockwise direction.
Use Pangrams
Pangrams are sentences in which every alphabet is used at least once. A few examples include:

» Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
» Woven silk pajamas exchanged for blue quartz.
» Painful zombies quickly watch a jinxed graveyard.
» Cute, kind, jovial, foxy physique, amazing beauty? Wowser!
» The wizard quickly jinxed the gnomes before they vaporized.
» Few black taxis drive up major roads on quiet hazy nights.

Writing such sentences can help you practice writing all alphabets with ease. This will help your left hand get a feel of how the pen should move for writing a particular alphabet.
Use the Non-Dominant Hand for Almost Everything
Man With Scissors
Do all those activities that you normally do with your right hand, with your left hand. Apart from writing, you should also try out routine activities with the left arm.

Use your left hand for brushing your teeth, combing your hair, shaving, opening doors and windows, using the scissors, and the computer mouse (change the settings). You can text or use your mobile stylus, if your mobile has one, with your non-dominant hand.

Take up a new hobby just for the sake of achieving finesse with the lesser-used hand. Try painting, playing table tennis, or building up a stack of cards. Do anything that you think will improve the dexterity of your left hand.

To make it stronger, try lifting weights with the left arm. Improving the strength of the left hand also improves balance.

Though I have mentioned that you do all your routine activities with your left hand, I suggest you avoid certain activities like driving, chopping vegetables or cooking, to prevent any mishaps or injury.
Being Ambidextrous Improves Mental Capacity
By using your left hand, you stimulate the opposite side (right side) of the brain and increase blood flow to that area. This is known to slow down the brain aging process and improve mental capacity.
Change some of your habits such as wearing the wrist watch on the non-dominant hand can also help. If you can't resist using you right hand, you may do so. The key here, is to gradually make your left hand more dexterous.
I would like to conclude saying that, don't push yourself too much. Keep it simple and a fun thing to do. Trying too hard will wane your interest, and you may quit after a short while. Instead, be gradual and easy, while trying to become ambidextrous.