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Tips to Planning Celebration of Life for a Deceased Loved One

Anna Scott May 6, 2019
Whenever someone passes away, we want to do our best to honor their memory and give them a nice warm goodbye. Funerals are the occasions reserved for such occasions. Also, holding a ceremony to remember someone gives closure to the family and helps to handle grief and loss.

Celebration of Life

However, in recent times, the way funeral ceremonies are arranged has changed slightly. Traditional funerals and rituals have become quite impersonal.

For this reason, many families have started different events when a loved one passes away to honor them. These events are termed under celebration of life.

Planning Celebration of Life Steps

Here are some tips to help you plan celebration of life steps for your deceased's loved one.

1. Decide the Service Type

Do you want a memorial service or a traditional funeral? What would be the tone of the funeral?

2. Determine the Budget

Although, funerals or memorials can be expensive but there are ways to get everything within your budget by planning around it. Fortunately, you can buy affordable headstones at a convenient price.

From deciding the type of flat grave markers such as bronze memorial to the venue and food, you have to narrow down the choices when it comes to life celebration.

3. Set the Number of People within your Mind

Estimate the number of people who would attend the event. Setting an exact number would help in determining the venue size and refreshments you want to offer your guests.

4. Selecting a Location, Date and Time

When it comes to celebration of life, you have a choice of making use of the space available at the funeral home.

You can also choose to hold an event at your home, some park or other location that held special meaning to the person you want to honor. Go for unconventional locations according to the taste of the deceased.

5. Hiring a Celebrant

Planning a large event is difficult for some people. A celebrant is the one who can help take care of all the event details, taking off your pressure. You can also have a certain part of the event arranged and planned by hiring a celebrant.

6. Decide Who Would Like to Speak

Decide the speakers for the event. You can ask specific people to share their personal moments with the deceased and even invite someone to host the event. You can even ask the celebrant to speak on your behalf.

7. Decide the Activities that will Take Place During the Event

Celebration of life event is about customizing the ceremony as you want it to be. Think about the loved one’s hobbies, what  he loved and engaged in during life.

Include activities such as a sky lantern release, a book reading activity, a group walk, a motorbike ride etc. All these activities would pay tribute to your loved one.

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