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Tips and Tricks for Staying Awake That You Can Swear By for Life

Manali Oak Mar 12, 2019
Need help battling off sleepiness during study or work? Engaging in some kind of mental or physical activity is one of the most effective tricks for staying awake in such times.
Sleep is essential to keep us going. A night's sleep serves as a refreshing break to start afresh the next morning. It is one of the wonderful gifts from nature. It is sure to switch us off from stress. But what happens when we experience overpowering sleepiness during an hour of study or when there are work deadlines to be met and we cannot afford to sleep?

Best tips and tricks


Energy drinks or cold water keep you awake. Caffeine can ward off sleep. So, a cup of steaming coffee can make you feel fresh again.
Don't have heavy food but munching on a strong-flavored candy helps. Take a snack break, eat your favorite food, but choose something light. Taking heavy meals can make you feel sleepy. A daily dose of a multivitamin can also help you fight sleep. Vitamin C energizes you, so having a glass of any citric fruit juice can help you in staying awake.


Talk about something pleasant with people. It diverts the brain and wards away sleepiness. Start a serious discussion, a fun conversation, or ask questions to someone over the phone or in person to keep your sleep away.

Go Outdoors

Go out for a walk, take a stroll across your street or visit a cafe or a bookstore nearby. Or shop for something quick, and you will feel fresh again to get back to work.

Tickle Your Brain

Obviously, it is not advisable to exhaust your mind or you might feel more sleepy out of tiredness. Solving puzzles, reading jokes, or using other such ways to give your mind some exercise, does help keep sleepiness at bay.
Even laughter helps you stay awake, as it gives you a boost of energy. So reading or listening to something that can make you laugh, is a good way to battle sleep, without feeling fatigued that too.

Splash Water

Splash cold water on your face and turn on the fan to make you feel alert and lively. It makes you feel fresh and gets rid of sleepiness. So splash some cold water on your face and eyes and you won't feel sleepy for some time.


Engage in your hobby. Read something, listen to some peppy music, sing to yourself, or dance! Take a short break and engage in any activity of your choice. Do what you love doing to bid sleep a goodbye.
Believe us, these tricks to stay awake do work! But remember that you need sleep. So make sure that you compensate for the lost sleep time, later.