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Top Ayurvedic Herbs for Rejuvenation

Swarali Jambhale Mar 25, 2019
Rejuvenation is an art of restoring natural beauty! To feel young, 'Ayurveda way' is the best rehabilitation. With more than 5000 Ayurvedic herbs to your good turn, give yourself a brilliant hand of caring!

Ayurveda: An Extension to Life

Rasayana, an Ayurvedic tradition of rejuvenation is all about slowing down the aging process, balancing the mind, body and soul, and boosting the immunity.

Ayurvedic herbs date back to the oldest healthcare systems and offer a holistic and whole-body outlook to attain longevity and wellness.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha, also referred to as “Indian Ginseng” for its deep nourishing properties, is a detox that supports sleep and relaxation. This adaptogenic herb aids humans in coping with the external environmental changes and internal moods.

A good supporter of healthy tissues, it nurtures the immune system to bond your body and soul together.


The strongest ayurvedic medicine for rejuvenation, Amla, flushes out all the Amas (toxins) from the body with its cooling nature.

Known for being a natural blood purifier that rebuilds and maintains the newborn blood tissues, it keeps the body away from impurities. So, experience the secrets of relaxation with this ayurvedic herb.

Shatavari Root

Shatavari is one gynecological tonic that brings comfort to the body. Considered as 'women’s herb' for its gynecological balancing of the female menstrual cycle, it can abate emotional irritability and inflammation symptoms during menstruation and menopause.

It also benefits men as an anti-inflammatory supplement for male reproductive glands.

Holy Basil

Showing adaptogenic activity and smartly adapting to the individual’s needs, Tulsi is often found in combination herbal formulas.

This sacred rasayana is valued for its energizing effects on the body, nurturing healthy blood course and cardiovascular functions. So, revitalize your body with this herbal stimulant.


A superb brain tonic, Bacopa boosts memory, intelligence and cognition. It is  valuable for the entire nervous system as well.

With the potential to calm down racing mind of people with pitta, it aids in building focus, and relaxing the mind and nerve system. So, revive, rejuvenate, relax, and start caring for your comfort.

Chyawanprash: A Herbal Assemblage

Pior Living Chyawanprash is a nutritive condensation of 35 ayurvedic herbs including ashwagandha, shatavari, amla, holy basil and bacopa, etc.

This classic combination of dietary ingredients is esteemed for establishing the 3 vital life forces: Generation, Existence and Dissolution. It also helps maintain homeostasis of the body.

To Conclude...

Value nature as a reflection of self, and keep reviving and rejuvenating as Ayurveda firmly believes in evolution. Medicinal herbs, diseases and other such corollary factors are ever-evolving but Ayurveda - 'nature’s medicine for all' will remain the same.