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7 Traits That Accurately Define an Early Bird Personality

7 Traits That Define An Early Bird Personality
Are you up and about, early in the morning, everyday, without even the need of an alarm clock? Do you feel that mornings are the best time of the day for you to be productive and happy? If you answered in the affirmative, it is probable that you have an early bird personality.
Anuj Mudaliar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Early Birds are Happy
Most morning people are found to have brighter dispositions as compared to night owls. Just being a morning person usually gives one a feeling of being healthy, which in turn increases the chances of positive emotions. Possible reasons for this can be that, human society is more favorable towards morning people than night owls. Also, greater exposure to natural light is a known mood-enhancer, which is why early birds are less prone to depression.
Early Birds Get Better Grades
A study of college students at a Texas university in 2008, found that morning-type students scored significantly higher GPAs than night owls. This is likely to happen because morning students sleep earlier, avoid nighttime distractions, and wake up earlier, thereby finding more time for studies and classes.
Early Birds Have Busy Mornings
By the time a night owl has shrugged of his fogginess from waking up, an early bird, who is full of energy, will have already had a jog, cooked breakfast, and made a plan for the day ahead. This time of the day is best for early birds who are tasked with jobs that may be cognitively challenging.
Early Birds Are Good Time Managers
Early birds are known to be sincere, efficient, goal and detail oriented than night owls. They are also know to be alert and proactive, which is why these type of people are preferred by the society and employers across various industries.
Early Birds are Very Social
Studies have shown that early birds are less likely to be manipulative, narcissistic, or psychotic as compared to night owls. This is possibly because they are most active during the morning and early day time, where light discourages people from performing negative actions.
Early Birds Are Mentally Slower than Night Owls
In a study comparing night owls and early birds, intelligence tests found that morning people lagged behind the owls by a small margin, especially in the parameters of information processing and working memory. This, despite the fact that the tests were held in the morning.
Morning People Are Less Prone to Addictions
Substance abuse and other addictions such as social media, games, watching movies, etc., are more attributed towards night owls. Due to their sleep patterns, morning people are exposed to objects of addiction much lesser, thereby keeping them safer and healthier physically and mentally.