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Tranquility Can Be Achieved by Concentrating on a Flame. Know How

Tranquility Can Be Achieved by Concentrating on a Flame
People have used a flickering flame as an object of meditation for thousands of years. You can even try this to achieve inner peace and bliss. Through regular practice, you can witness stable flow of energy in your body, which will make you feel free and calm.
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Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Millions of years ago when man first discovered fire, did he sit inside his cave and stare into the flickering flames, wondering what adventures the next day would bring? Of course no one knows, but it is true that for centuries people have used flames as objects on which to center meditation. Various techniques of flame meditation can be used, but as with any meditation, you should find a comfortable position and relax your body and mind. The preparation for flame meditation may vary slightly from person to person, but you should follow the same preparation practices that have proven successful for other meditation techniques.
☆ Different Atmospheres for Meditation
music helps to meditate
✲ Calming meditation music playing in the background helps people to find the deepest state of meditation.
divine symbols
The Natraj and Om are Hindu divine symbols.
✲ Some people like a room with beautiful decorations and furnishings. A variety of religious or spiritual symbols may be helpful in achieving a meditative state, such as the Christian cross, the Star of David, the Yin/Yang symbol, or other divine symbols.
aromatic environment
✲ People like to have fragrant aromas filling the air while meditating. Fresh flowers or incense can be used to make the environment aromatic.
If you are one of these people, you may enjoy flame meditation using a scented candle. To keep your concentration focused without distraction, many people find that concentrating on your breathing will allow you to remain in the present at all times, and will make it easy for you to return to the here and now if something interferes with your meditation to distract you.
concentrating on a flame
The Technique of Concentrating on a Flame to Achieve Peace
✶ When you are ready to begin meditating, place a lit candle either on the floor or on a table in front of you. If you place the candle on the floor, put it about four to six feet in front of you where your gaze will naturally fall on the flame.

✶ If you place it on a table in front of you, position the candle so the flame will be positioned at about eye level when you stare straight ahead. Assume a comfortable position and silently begin focusing on the flame. The thoughts in your mind may wander at first, but soon your inner chatter will start to diminish and hopefully even stop altogether. Just watch as the flame flickers and dances, and put all thoughts out of your mind.

✶ After you have gazed at the flame long enough for your mind to be clear and quiet, close your eyes and use your mind's eye to visualize the candle flame. Think of the flame as an altar inside your mind, and concentrate on sending your negative thoughts and characteristics into the flame, and then watch as they burn away and become merely ashes. Everything in your life that is robbing you of peace should be sacrificed on the altar of the flame - impatience, anger, self-criticism, pain, cold-heartedness - anything that disturbs your peace of mind. In your mind's eye, you will see yourself beginning to glow with purity, radiating peace brighter and brighter with every sacrifice.

✶ Carry the image of the flame outward and watch as the yellow, orange, white, blue, and red flickers of flame spread out to radiate from the candle. Envision the flame as a display of atomic energy, radiating out to every person on Earth. Realize that the flame exists inside every person, creature, and plant on the planet - everything that lives contains the flickering flame, and all things are connected through the warm energy, even outward to the heavenly bodies in the sky above. The Sun and all the planets in the galaxy are alive, burning with the same flame inside. Know that you have always been filled with pure, radiating energy that connects you to everything else in the universe. Witness this purified light filling you and radiating outward in all directions, and you will shine brightly and eternally, and you will live happily ever after.