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5 Types of Music You Can Use for Meditation

Types of Meditation Music
Meditation can provide motivation, help manage stress, and other emotional and physical benefits. One of the complementary aspects associated with meditation is music.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
In general terms, meditation is the act of concentrating on good thoughts going on in our mind, and promoting mindfulness in ourselves. It is a great method of keeping our mind calm, and living a peaceful life.
Music and Meditation
For centuries now, meditation has been practiced to the accompaniment of music. However, it is not ablsolutely necessarily to play music in the background. Music creates a perfect atmosphere for the individual to concentrate, and can simply aid with the purpose of meditation. There are different types of meditation techniques used all over the world. As a result, different music is used.
Woman with headphones in lotus position on bed
Types of Music Used in Meditation
Classical Music
This type of music is traditionally used for meditation in several countries all over the world. Generally, classical music is soft and smooth to the ears, so the person can effectively concentrate. There are many classical tunes composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abbey Simon, Markus Stocker, Severin Blazer, and many other well-known classical musicians, that are used while meditating.
Gregorian Chanting and Primordial Sounds
Gregorian chanting is a style of baritone singing. It has been used in meditation for centuries by many religions. Most of the chanting used nowadays relates to the music used between 900 to 1300 CE. Primordial sounds are also a kind of chanting, which helps the person achieve the ideal mindset. The most popular primordial sound is 'Om', which is majorly used in India for meditation.
Nature Sounds
Nature sounds are probably the best music for meditation. In order to use natural sounds during meditation, you can go to a quiet place such as a garden, a forest, or a hilltop. Another option is to purchase audio CDs of nature sounds. These CDs sometimes have a combination of classical music and natural sounds, which can enhance the concentration and the calming effect.
Instrumental Music
Be it any type of meditation, instrumental music is certainly a suitable complement. This consists of music from various musical instruments, such as the classical guitar, violin, sitar, chimes, piano, harp, flute, and other such mellifluous musical instruments. You can choose from a wide range of instrumental music CDs.
Christian Music
If you are a devout Christian and want to meditate while concentrating on your God and Jesus, you can use Christian music. Usually, Christian music includes a blend of traditional Christian tunes and soft instrumental music. It is generally used in churches. You can even use this music in your daily prayer and meditate at home. You may find Christian meditation music CDs in many stores.
If you take a look into the music stores in your locality, you will surely find CDs exclusively meant to be played during meditation. You may even get VCDs with inspirational quotes and sayings to enhance your experience. Whatever music you choose, remember that it should be soft and soothing to your ears, and should help you calm down and concentrate on what goes on in your own mind.