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5 Types of Meditation Yoga to Give You a Wholesome Experience

Types of Meditation Yoga
Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of exercise and meditation that benefits individuals in different ways. The various types of Yoga that involve meditation enables one to channelize one's mind, relieve stress, and provide the body with various benefits.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
There are various types of Yoga exercises that can cleanse your mind and spirit, and also have a positive influence on the physical aspects of the body. Yoga is divided into 5 different categories, and meditation is one of them. Many people believe that meditation is the most important of all. It generates a serene feeling of calmness in the mind, and this inadvertently transfers itself to the body, and thereby, leads to an individual living a healthy life.

To classify meditation as a science, hobby, art, or a spiritual practice would be wrong, because it is in fact the sum total of all these acts.
Meditation is a wholesome experience that takes time to master, and once it has been mastered, there are plenty of benefits that can be derived from it. Many people think meditation is simply a ritual of self reflection, but it is far more than that. By controlling one's breathing patterns and clearing the mind of all the thoughts and external influences, one can achieve a state of stillness and serenity that truly has to be experienced to be understood clearly.
Various Types of Meditation Yoga
There are different styles of Yoga and each of them has their benefits and their own distinct style of performing. Some of them are purely meditative in nature, some are simple physical Yoga exercises, and more advanced versions are a hybrid of the two.
Ananda Yoga
ananda yoga
This is a form of Yoga that focuses primarily on preparing an individual for meditation. Meditating is not an easy task, because the body and the mind need to be prepared for it. This style emphasizes the need for relaxing one's mind and senses completely while immersed in certain postures, and this paves the way for higher awareness.
Hatha Yoga
hatha yoga
Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular forms of Yoga in the United States, which was introduced in India in the 15th century. It is also very easy to learn and carries many meditative advantages. There are a set of simple Asanas or postures, that require an individual to meditate before he or she begins performing them.
Kripalu Yoga
kripalu yoga
Also known as the 'Yoga of Consciousness', Kripalu Yoga is a set of positions and postures that enable an individual to clear his mind of all the external influences. The most interesting aspect of Kripalu Yoga, vis-a-vis all other types, is that the postures are not fixed in it. It depends on the flexibility and capability of each individual, so everyone will have a unique style of carrying it out. Yoga meditation is fully embodied by the concept of Kripalu Yoga.
Restorative Yoga
restorative yoga
Restorative Yoga focuses on healing an individual from certain ailments and thus, restoring his life force through the power of meditation. Many Americans practice it in order to deal with the growing levels of stress in their everyday lives, as it deeply relaxes the body and the mind.
Moksha Yoga
moksha yoga
It has become very popular in Canada, and it deals with the release of the body from earthly affairs. Moksha is an Indian word which literally means release from all worldly affairs, or nirvana, and this form of Yoga aims to achieve just that.
Benefits of Meditation and Yoga
Health benefits of meditation Yoga are felt primarily by the digestive system, the central nervous system, and the endocrine system. Moreover, it also improves an individual's flexibility, joint mobility, and strengthens various muscles. In addition, it decreases blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boosts blood circulation and the immune system, and improves brain activity and stamina. With so many distinct advantages, it is easy to understand why Yoga is so immensely popular all over the world.