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Vision Care

Eyes are one of the most important organs of human body, which is why care must be taken to promote good health of the eyes. The following write-up provides information on the causes of vision-related problems and suggests preventive measures.
Paramita Ghosh
We work hard for our eyes to look beautiful and appealing. We use eyeshadows, eyeliners, and various other eye makeup products to enhance the external appearance of our eyes. However, we forget about the basic health aspects of our eyes. Usually, they are neglected and taken for granted, which leads to visual problems ranging from impaired vision to even permanent loss of eyesight.
We realize the importance of caring for our vision, only when we face the aforementioned problems. Generally, we think that visual problems are a part of the aging process and deal with them quite casually. It is true that some eye problems occur with age; however, there are many who enjoy problem-free vision and healthy eyes even at an old age. This has been possible due to adequate care and measures taken and followed on a regular basis. Even if you are not facing any serious problem today, it is always good to imbibe some basic vision care practices, which would help you enjoy a bright and clear vision in your old age.
Excessive eye strain (reading, watching television, and working in front of the computer), lack of proper diet, excessive smoking, obesity, too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, diabetes, prolonged use of certain medications, hereditary problems, and lack of adequate sleep and rest are some of the major reasons that lead to eye problems.
Taking care of your eyes is not very complicated. Here are some basic things that you can adhere to as part of your eye care routine.
Avoid Excess Stress
Try to take short breaks at regular intervals when you are working in front of the computer all through the day. Your work might demand you to sit continuously, however, your eyes need some rest. Similarly, avoid continuous reading or watching television for long hours.
Wash your Eyes Often
Splash cold water on your eyes, whenever you take breaks from work. This will help your eyes relax, thereby proving relief from strain.
Eat Healthy
Your diet plays a significant role in keeping your eyes healthy. Eat lots of fresh fruits, carrots, spinach, almonds, and green vegetables to ensure a healthy vision. A cup of broccoli everyday can keep a lot of your problems at bay. Consult your doctor to prepare a diet chart that contains a lot of vitamin A, C, and E in your meals.
Blink them Often
It is good to blink your eyes as much as possible, in order to keep them lubricated. Staring at the computer or television screen for a long time may cause dry eyes, which in turn could lead to irritation and itching in the eyes. The eyes are naturally lubricated by tears that are spread inside the surface of our eyes. Staring at the computer or television or keeping your eyelids wide open for a long time, causes evaporation of the tears, thereby leading to dry eye syndrome.
Prevent Overexposure to UV Rays
Always wear sunglasses or goggles with polarized lenses, while going out in the sun. Prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays may affect your eyesight and lead to serious after-effects at a later stage of your life.
Clean your Eyes
It is essential to remove all makeup from your eyes, and wash them with cold water before you go to bed. This provides relief and comfort to the tired eyes. Make sure that your eyes are completely clean.
Practice Eye Exercises
There are various simple eye exercises that ensure proper toning of the eye muscles and prevent eye disorders. Consult an eye specialist to learn about the eye exercises that you can perform on a daily basis. Performing regular exercises for 15 to 20 minutes everyday, can be an effective way of lower the risk of vision problems.
Give your Eyes Adequate Rest
Good sleep and adequate rest is directly related to basic vision care. A sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily provides the amount of rest and relaxation required for healthy eyes.
General Tips
  • Since eyes are very delicate, you should take measures to avoid an injury. Be careful while using sharp objects.
  • Be careful while using eye drops, lotions, and creams. If any of these are outdated, they can be dangerous for your eyes.
  • In case you use contact lenses, avoid using them for more than 12 hours continuously.
  • Be careful while you are exercising with your contact lenses on. The exercise may cause dislocation of the lenses and hurt your eyes.
  • A gentle massage from time to time can be very relaxing for your eyes. Placing cucumber pieces on your eyes for a few minutes before going to bed also gives a refreshing feeling to the eyes and helps prevent puffiness.
  • Avoid looking directly towards the sun.
  • Always place your monitor/television at a proper distance and position which is comfortable for your eyes.
  • Take your eyes away from the computer or television screen from time to time and focus on other objects for some seconds. A break of 15 minutes is considered to be ideal for every two hours that you have worked on computers.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to secure your overall health.
  • Go for regular eye checkups (yearly/half-yearly), depending on your age and general health.
  • Those, who use spectacles or contact lenses, check your eye power periodically to ensure that you are using lenses with the right power.
If any kind of problem persists, even after taking all the aforementioned precautions and safety measures, visit your eye specialist immediately.
On a concluding note, following simple self-care measures can be very effective in lowering the risk of eye problems. A bit of care and consciousness on a regular basis can help you decrease a lot of financial, mental, and physical agony caused due to eye problems.
Disclaimer: This WellnessKeen article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
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