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Excellent Ways to Relax Your Mind

Bidisha Mukherjee Sep 30, 2018
When you are aware of the ways to relax your mind, it becomes easier to get rid of anxiety, tension and many other health problems.
Today, we have a hectic lifestyle with a busy schedule, various deadlines, commitments at work and home. Naturally, we do not have the time to sit back and relax, even for a bit. In such a scenario where we have almost forgotten our wants and needs in terms of relaxation.
This kind of mental stress often triggers nervousness, panic attack, unnecessary worries, insomnia and a host of other health concerns. If neglected for a long time, serious problems like high blood pressure may develop in future. For all these reasons, it is important that you learn about ways to relax when under stress.

Relaxation Techniques for Stress


We all know, meditation has a calming effect on the restless mind. You can just sit in any quiet, comfortable place, close your eyes, and focus on any one single positive thought.
Thus, you can discard all unwanted thoughts that occupy your mind and you will feel at peace with yourself. A relaxed mind then helps to loosen up your tensed body muscles. Practicing yoga and tai chi are the other two most sought after meditation techniques.

Control Breathing

Under the influence of stress, you tend to breathe so rapidly that you don't exhale properly. It creates an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the body which often leads to fatigue and depression. For this reason, it is essential to control your breathing.
You can do this with the help of deep breathing exercises. Take a long deep breath through the nose, hold it for a few seconds and then release it slowly through the mouth. Repeat till you feel relaxed.


A full-body massage eliminates the tension and pain from the taut and stressed out muscles. You can go for it on your off day or at the end of a tiring day at work.
Deep tissue massage is particularly good as it can release tension from those muscle fibers which cannot be relaxed by any other technique. Make sure it is done by a certified professional only. Massaging with aromatherapy oils like lavender or chamomile has a refreshing effect on both mind and body.

Listen to Music

A soothing music calms down the agitated, tensed mind. Just switch on your favorite music and listen to it once at the start of the day and then before retiring for the day.
Slow tempo music is preferable as it tends to bring down the breathing and heart rate to some extent. Many medical experts opine that music therapy can even lower high blood pressure.

Ways to Relax Before Bedtime

When your mind is overloaded with worries, it becomes difficult to fall asleep. In this condition, you should try out the following tricks to relax the mind.

➜ Start reverse counting. Slowly count from 20 to 1 and you will be able to distract your mind from those thoughts which were bothering you and get a sound sleep.
➜ A hot bath before going to bed is an excellent idea to relieve the stress from both body as well as mind. Add some scented bath oil for better results.

➜ Write down your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper at the end of the day. Thus you can have a better view of your life and the situation around you which will enable you to get rid of the worries.

Ways to Relax at Workplace

The schedule, responsibilities, and workload at the workplace are common triggers behind stress. Some small changes in your style of working and work environment can reduce it. A few useful suggestions in this regard are as:
➜ If you walk into the workstation and find that your desk is full of paper and other work related items, then you are bound to feel anxious. Organize all those things in drawers and cabinets and keep your desk free.

➜ Give a personalized touch to your desk by keeping some family photographs. This will make you feel good throughout the day.
➜ Prioritize your work and finish them as per their importance. Then, you don't have to juggle from one task to another.
➜ Give all your attention to the work at hand so that it becomes a kind of mediation in itself. So by putting best effort, you can derive a lot of satisfaction.