Weak Spots on the Human Body

An understanding of the human anatomy, especially the knowledge of the weakest body parts, can prove to be very useful for defending yourself or a loved one from an attacker. In this WellnessKeen article, we present to you a list of the weak body parts, that you can keep in mind for effective self-defense.
WellnessKeen Staff
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2018
There are many self-defense moves that can be used when somebody attacks you. However, what you practiced for self-defense in a class might not always help during the panic of a situation when you are being attacked. In such a case, a better way to defend yourself would be to hit the exposed weak points on the attacker's body.
In the following section, we list out some of the weakest body parts that you can attack to subdue an opponent, and thus protect yourself and/or your loved ones.
Important: Keep in mind that impetuously attacking the weak spots in the manner described below can seriously harm a person, and in some cases even be fatal. It is important therefore that you exercise caution, and attack these areas as a last resort and only in self-defense.
Top 5 Human Body Weak Spots
Nose: This is a very delicate area which when hit hard enough tends to bleeds. A strike to the nose can stun your attacker. When hit precisely, it can cause lot of pain, and make the eyes tear leading to a blurred vision. Combined with a blow to the ears or eyes, a blow on the nose can take your attacker down and give you time to escape.
Groin: This is probably the easiest male body-part for women to aim at, on their attacker's body. A firm strike with a quick knee raise, aimed squarely at the attackers genitals can cause a lot of pain, and even temporarily paralyze him.
Throat: Even a relatively weaker hit to the throat, can knock the wind out of your attacker. However do note that it takes some skill and practice to be able to aim a throat-attack perfectly. Usually a karate chop rather than a punch is more practical and effective.
Ears: The ears are sensitive body parts that can be hit in self-defense in order to disorient the enemy. The ear strike needs skill and practice to perfect. The basic technique involves slightly cupping both palms and simultaneously slapping both of your attacker's ears. This results in the creation of a concussive air wave that affects the enemy's eardrums.
Eyes: The eyes are one of the most basic of human sensory organs; they are also one of the most vulnerable. Poking hard, clawing, hitting, or spitting on the eyes is a good way to stop your attacker.
Other Weak Points
Instep: A good stomp on the instep of the opponent's foot can cause him a lot of pain.
Toes: If you can't hit your attacker on the instep, then a good stomp on the toes can also cause him a great deal of pain.
Temple: The temple are the thinnest part of the cranium. A well-aimed strike to these points can lead to disorientation and unconsciousness.
Front Teeth: A powerful hit to this region can cause the teeth to break and also lead to disorientation.
Under the Arm: This isn't an easy body-spot to hit, but a good punch under the arm can leave the attacker in good deal of pain.
Sides of the Jaw: A strong punch to this spot can cause a lot of pain to your attacker and subdue the attack.
Knees: These are easy to hit weak spots, and a good strike in self defense can cause your opponent to fall allowing you to make a run for it.
Back of the Knee: These sensitive areas when hit, can bend the knee causing your opponent to drop.
Solar Plexus: When the solar plexus is hit hard, it can disrupt breathing and even cause temporary unconsciousness.
Floating Ribs: When this region is hit hard, it can knock the wind out and even result in broken bones, thus debilitating the attacker.
Radius Bone: A hard strike to this area can cause sharp pain, followed by numbness to the hand of your attacker, freeing you from his grip and allowing you to use other defensive moves or escape.
Inner Thigh: This is a difficult area to hit but if struck, it can result in muscle numbing of the lower leg causing the attacker to drop.
Base of Skull: When the base of skull is hit, it can render your attacker unconscious or cause disorientation.
It is important to note that, if the attacker is demanding money or other valuables, in many cases, it is better just to let them have it, as these are material objects which can be replaced. However, if you or somebody you love is being bodily harmed and is at risk, then knowledge of attacking these weak spots can prove to be very helpful and even life-saving.