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What are Polarized Sunglasses?

What are Polarized Sunglasses? What are Their Pros and Cons? Find Out

There are so many sunglasses available in the market, but the best and the most demanded ones are the polarized sunglasses. This is because it not only looks cool but also protects your eyes, and gives you a better vision.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Polarization can be defined as the phenomenon in which the waves of light or other radiation are restricted in the direction of vibration. So, as the definition itself indicates, polarized sunglasses are sunglasses that reduce the glares from the sunlight and other reflected surfaces such as water, roads and metal.
Polarized sunglasses is a popular and a must-have eye accessory used today. However, it has been used by the fishermen, and boaters for years. This is because these sunglasses reduce the reflected glare from the water they are surrounded with. Though they are not only used by fishermen and boaters but also by others while driving, skiing, playing sports, etc. Also, they are a popular fashion accessory specially in the beaches.
How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work 
To understand how polarized sunglasses work, let's take an example of the fishermen who use polarized sunglasses. When a fisherman goes fishing he needs to be accurate and quick in his movements. He needs to locate the spot where he would find fish in abundance and instantly throw and aim the fishing net. Let's assume that he goes fishing without wearing the sunglasses, in this case, the reflection of the sun which is spread in all directions hits the water and transforms into horizontal waves. 
So, when the fisherman will look inside the water he will be able to see the reflection of the sky as well as faint sight of the movements in the water. This will make it difficult for the fishermen to locate his fishing spot and to take the right action at the right time. Now, let's consider a fisherman who uses sunglasses while fishing. In this case, how the fisherman benefit is, when the sunlight is coming in from all directions, it will be converted into horizontal light waves.
The lenses in the polarized sunglasses are vertical. Now, when the horizontal light reflection from the water will hit the vertical lenses, the brightness will be reduced by obstructing the light and making the target object clearer. The horizontal light reflected on the vertical lenses negates and refracts the light in such a way that the reflected light will not reach your eye.
Not only do these sunglasses reduce the glare of the reflection from various objects but also prevents our eyes from coming in contact with the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is harmful for your eyes because of the UV rays emission. That is why we now see a lot of people wear these sunglasses while driving, and playing sports so that their eyes remain protected, and that the object in front can be seen without any glare. However, the effectiveness of polarized sunglasses reduces when the sun is overhead. This is because the configuration of light and its reflection then changes.
Different polarized sunglasses are available for different purposes. There are different tinted-polarized sunglasses available for avoiding the glare when in snow, while skiing or driving, and when in sunlight playing a sport or driving. Also many 3-D glasses use polarized lenses. You need to store these sunglasses properly, so that you can use them for a longer period.
Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses
  • Reduces glare
  • Reduces the blinding effect
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Protects eyes from the harmful effects of direct sunrays and ultra violet rays
  • They fit really well and therefore can be used in playing a sport or an adventure sport
  • Can be used by people who are sensitive to light
Disadvantages of Polarized Sunglasses
  • Does not work when sun is overhead
  • Cannot be used during the nighttime
  • They are more expensive than other types of sunglasses
  • They reduce visibility while watching- something on digital screens in automatic teller machines and LCDs or GPS screens installed in cars
Polarized sunglasses do not just add style to your look, but also protects your eyes and gives you a clearer vision even when the bright sunlight is causing reflections. They are a must have for everyone.
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