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What You Need to Know About Fort Lincoln Cemetery?

Anna Scott Aug 9, 2019
Fort Lincoln Cemetery is located in the heart of Brentwood, Maryland, along the Anacostia River. It was chartered in 1912 by an act of the Maryland General Assembly, the 176-acre property was historically significant long before it became a cemetery. The funeral home is known to help people plan all aspects of funerals and memorials.

Accommodation for 210 Guests

The funeral home and cemetery consists of a formal chapel that can accommodate around 210 guests, suites that provide a decent place to host friends and family.
The repast room on the other hand, has a stained-glass window designed to depict Abraham Lincoln, the cemetery's Old Spring House and the bell tower of the cemetery's Community Mausoleum.

Church on Ground

On the grounds of the Cemetery is the little church that has received an architectural award from the Board of Trade.
The church has high arched ceilings, carved wooden benches and stained-glass windows depicting Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man.” It is an ideal place for a committal service and serves as a popular wedding venue.

Traditional and Typical Cremation Option

Everyone is only aware of the traditional and typical cremation options. Those are interested in cremation, the cemetery team can explain in detail the process and different memorial service options.
The most common choice is mostly a direct cremation without a memorial service, the funeral home team discuss and explain all options.

The Little Church

The Community Mausoleum is situated behind the Little Church, featuring the largest collection of privately owned stained-glass in Washington, D.C., including colorful scenes from Arthurian literature and the "Quest for the Holy Grail."
The Historic Garden Mausoleum stands as a tribute to the freedoms of the US representing a liberty bell near the mausoleum.

Home to Great Lincoln Oak

From around 1510 to 1991, Fort Lincoln Cemetery was the home to great Lincoln Oak, a majestic tree under which President Abraham Lincoln met with troops during the Civil War.
In 1991, lightning hit and killed nearly 500-year-old tree. Cemetery management planted a new white oak at the site and installed a plaque commemorating the original tree.


The Fort Lincoln Cemetery also includes areas for traditional in-ground and above-ground entombment, a cremation garden.
Entombment options consists of lawn crypts, private estates and four mausoleums, of which two were completed in 2016. Cremation memorization options include niches, benches, pedestals and private columbaria.