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Why Am I Always Tired and Sleepy

Why am I Always Tired and Sleepy? 3 Possible Reasons Explained

Have you often asked yourself, "Why Am I Always Tired and Sleepy?" Well, the answer to that is etched out in the paragraphs below.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
If you sleep like an Olympic athlete every night and have adequate rest, but are extremely scared to even close your eyes during the day for fear of falling asleep any time, do not panic, as it not a health problem. Who doesn't love to sleep? Given a chance, anyone would love to sleep like a log the whole day, with their phone switched off for eternity.
However, if you think it's happening more than frequently, you need to do something about feeling tired all the time. So, if you think it has long been a routine now for you to keep yawning with red eyes and a desire to grab a bed quickly, here's a comprehensive discussion on the causes and treatment for this. Read ahead, and find the answer to the question of "Why Am I Always Tired and Sleepy?"
Reasons Behind Fatigue and Tiredness
Sleeping too much and feeling always tired can indicate fatigue. Don't worry, this one's not a dreadful term, but just a medical recognition for some sleep disorders that are associated with tiredness. There can be a number of causes of fatigue that you may, generally, tend to ignore. However, if not paid attention to, they can lead to serious health problems.
Firstly, sleep disorders, such as apnea or insomnia can be one of the major reasons for you feeling tired all the time. Do your sleeping patterns change often? Many people work in night shifts, and have frequent changes in their working patterns, thus, causing improper sleeping. This is one of the most basic reasons.
Secondly, vitamin deficiency in the diet with other eating inappropriateness can result in the person caught by severe fatigue, thereby, lowering energy levels. On the other hand, if you're inactive most of the time of the day, there are high chances that you find the bed extraordinarily attractive. Personally speaking, there was a phase in my life when I used to do nothing, and sit back at home. Even though I used to worry a little, I never let it hinder my desire to hit the bed. However, it was hard-hitting to read about the dreadful causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, which instigated me to change my lifestyle, thereby, acquiring an active routine.
Thirdly, you could be suffering from some emotional complications, which keep you under constant depression and anxiety. Hence, this may often result in a wandering mind, and lessened attention to your health. On the other hand, as a result of sleepless night, you might also be a victim of morning fatigue, thereby, disturbing the entire day for yourself.
So, now that you know all the reasons behind this constant slothfulness, and the most common causes of sleeping too much, allow me to tell you how to go about curing it. Have a look!
  • Stop partying till late! Party animals who are fond of staying up till late boozing and dancing, often suffer from tiredness during the day time.
  • Coffee is the secret to energizing yourself in the easiest way. Anytime you feel sleepy, have a cup of coffee and you'll feel refreshed.
  • Avoid all kinds of stress. Watch comedy movies, and stay happy. This will keep you light-headed, and will also help you in staying alive-and-kickin' always.
  • Exercise regularly. The initial days will make you even more tired, but when you'd do it in routine, you will realize that it is actually an amazing stress-buster. Everybody knows the benefits of exercising and exercise programs that keep you fit and fine!
  • Eat healthy. These points may sound clich├ęd to you, but they have been included after a lot of research and conclusions. You just can't stay healthy if you don't eat healthy.
I hope you have found answers to all your queries associated with excessive sleepiness. Remember, laziness is an enemy. So, just buck up, and avoid sleeping unnecessarily. However, do not neglect your health, and make sure you work hard, eat well, exercise on time, yet, have plenty of rest.
Disclaimer: This WellnessKeen article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.