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Why is it Important to be Healthy?

Why is it Important to be Healthy? You Should Read This to Find Out

Have you ever thought of why it is important to be healthy? Have you realized the importance of your physical and mental fitness? This WellnessKeen article tells you the importance of staying healthy.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Health, by definition, is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. It implies the absence of infirmity or disease, but their mere absence does not imply being healthy. Earning and maintaining health is an active process. Good health is a result of proper nutrition, regular exercise, good health care, and hygiene. One of the most important factors that determine the mental health of an individual is his/her happiness quotient. Hence, effective stress management is a vital factor in remaining healthy.
Human beings are the most important assets of a nation. It is people who drive the world towards progress and also benefit from it. To advance in life and reap the advantages of this development, what we need first is good health. To be able to enjoy anything, we first need to be fit, both physically and mentally. The absence of health can make the world come to a standstill. Lack of health means passivity, incapacity, and unhappiness. An unhealthy living robs us of the pleasures in life. The true definition of health brings out the real essence of a healthy life. The concept of being healthy is a composition of different facets of life. It includes physical well-being, which can be brought about by a healthy diet and exercise; it constitutes the maintenance of health through proper precaution and cures for physical ailments. The conveniently ignored facet of being healthy is the mental well-being. One's happiness and positivism are highly influential in the maintenance of one's health.
To progress in life, one needs to receive some sort of formal or practical education and then earn one's living. To meet one's basic needs in life and survive; one needs to be healthy. Different streams of education involve different amounts of physical and mental activity. These activities are an integral part of every profession or field of work. To perform these activities effectively, one needs to be healthy. In order to socialize (which is required in almost every walk of life), one needs to be physically and mentally fit. That's because, when you are a part of a group, you need to interact with one another, you need to work together; there is collaboration as well as competition. That's the essence of being a part of the society. And to be able to stand strong in a competitive world, or in order to make collaborated efforts, one needs good health.
Basically, physical fitness gives you the energy to work, which when coupled with mental fitness, makes you more productive. In almost every walk of life, one needs to socialize. To be able to give one's best to the work at hand (be it in education, or in one's personal or professional life), one's primary need is good health.
As a part of society, every human being has a set of duties to perform. There are certain family responsibilities as also some responsibilities towards the society. For an individual to be able to shoulder these responsibilities capably, it is important for him to be healthy. To make progress, to work towards the betterment of society, to contribute to overall social welfare and thus be a valuable asset of society, it is extremely important to be healthy.
As one grows from a child to an adult, one's set of rights and responsibilities expands. In order to perform one's duties and exercise one's rights, it is absolutely important to be fit. To raise a family, to bring up children, and to take care of the elderly, good health is essential.
We obtain education, we work, we earn, we strive to bring comfort and luxuries to our living, we earn money to lead an easy life. Weakness, health problems, and bad habits come in the way of this enjoyment. The absence of good health does not allow us to live happily. Health and happiness go hand in hand. To live life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it, it is extremely important for us to be healthy.
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