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Body Odor Remedies

Smelly Much? Here are the Most Effective Remedies for Body Odor

Body odor is one of those issues which are considered socially unpleasant. This article gives you some home remedies to manage the condition.
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Unpleasant body odor is a problem that can affect the self-confidence of an individual. Excessive sweating and body odor can occur when people perform exercises, are exposed to warm conditions, or when they are nervous or under stress. Basically, the sweat produced by the body has no odor. However, when it combines with bacteria found on the skin, it produces a foul smell. The armpits and groin are more prone to sweating. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these areas free of bacteria. Unusual changes in the body odor can be an indication of an underlying medical condition.
Following are some tips that will help keep the body odor in control:
  • Take a bath at least once a day.
  • Use an anti-bacterial soap for bathing.
  • Dry your body thoroughly after bathing as bacteria cannot survive on dry skin.
  • Use warm water for bathing.
  • Use deodorants after bathing.
  • Shave your armpits regularly.
  • Always wear fresh, clean clothes.
  • Wear clothes made from natural fibers as they allow the perspiration to escape quickly.
  • Reduce the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and foods such as meat, onions, garlic, and exotic spices.
  • Use baking powder on the armpits. The powder helps absorb perspiration and kill bacteria.
  • Rub some fresh cut lemon on the armpits before taking a shower.
  • Chew parsley, alfalfa, and other leafy greens as they act as natural deodorant on the body.
  • Apply 8-10 drops of rosemary oil mixed with water on the armpit region after bathing.
  • Drink plenty of water daily (8 ounces).
There may be several underlying causes of body odor. The causes may include vaginal discharge, penile discharge, diabetes, urinary tract infection (UTI), scurvy, typhoid fever, athlete's foot, and fish odor syndrome (a rare inborn error of metabolism associated with an offensive body odor). Other causes may be puberty, aging, gastrointestinal disorders, hyperhidrosis (excessive and profuse perspiration), etc. Therefore, a proper diagnosis of these factors is essential for treating this condition effectively.
DisclaimerThis WellnessKeen article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
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